How Ozone Can Help You

Regarding ozone's many benefits such as odor elimination, sanitization, and reduction of chemical usage within water. Its extremely effective and hassle free.

General Use

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Spa & Swimming

Light Duty Water Ozone Generators

Perfect for Cold PLunge, Fish Ponds and much more!

  • Ozonated Olive Oil paste has many benefits such as:

    -Protecting a surface against outside irritants

    -Scaring away Insects

    -Moisturizes due to highly condensed oxygen

  • Aqua-8 Ozone Generator with SenSafe Ozone Check Strips

    Ozone Test Strips

    It is now possible to monitor the level of ozone in a controlled area with our strips. This comes in very handy for fishtanks and pools!

  • Pool and Spa

    Can be used to shock treat water so that no more chlorine is needed to keep bodies of water likely to share pathogens, stable and clean.

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