How Ozone Can Help You

Regarding ozone's many benefits such as odor elimination, sanitization, and reduction of chemical usage within water purification. Ozone is almost a necessity when it comes to its versatility and usage.

Odor Elimination

  • Ozonated Olive Oil paste has many benefits to using it such as:

    -Protecting the skin against outside irritants

    -Deeply moisturizing

    -Prevents spread of germs

  • Aqua-8 Ozone Generator with SenSafe Ozone Check Strips

    Ozone Test Strips

    It is now possible to monitor the level of ozone in a controlled area with our strips. This comes in very handy for fishtanks and pools!

  • Oxidation in Air Units

    These units are extremely effective and popular for their use of deodorization and surface sanitation! Meaning any odor such as smoke, pets, cooking can all be neutralized within a couple hours.

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