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Experience Clean.

Experience Safe.

Experience Ozone.

Why Ozone?

How it Works

The sanitizing strength of ozone does not force you to choose cleanliness over saftey. After ozone destroys germs and bacteria, it reverts to oxygen, meaning no hazardous chemical byproducts are left behind. 

Works wonderful for many things: cleaning veggies, sterilizing water, helping lettuce to liven up when it starts to wilt, and also for cleaning anything you want. 

Teresa Hindman

This ozone generator removed all of the smell from my SUV after I drove it through deeper water than I should have. It removed the pet smell from the previous tenant in my townhouse.

Brandon Wirtz

Air-7000 Ozonator

Designed to powerfully shock treat rooms suffering from strong odors, allergens, mold, or smoke damage.