Pool & Spa

“Before coming across A2Z Ozone Inc, I searched the Internet for available pool ozone generators and was disappointed to find that they were far too weak (much less than 1 g/hr whereas my research indicated a need for at least 1-1.5 g/hr for 7400 litre pool) or far too expensive. Needless to say SP3 proved not only powerful (3 g/hr adjustable but we let it run at 100%) but at very affordable price!

We are glad to say that we did NOT have to add chlorine to the pool at all. As a result, the pool water is so much nicer and there is NO chlorine smell or carcinogenic risks associated with it! Contrary to "oh, you still have to...." advice proliferating. Even algae is not much of a problem- in summer weekly brushing of the pool walls and floor gets it collected into the filter (rinse the latter) and what's left floating in the water gets "cooked" by the Ozone and falls to the floor of the pool for vacuuming out. At any rate algae is not considered a health hazard!”

George P.


If you want to have amazing results like George, consider an A2Z Ozone SP Series or Aquatic unit for your Spa or Pool! Ozone is a popular and effective method of sanitation for many pool and spa owners. Ozone eliminates the high expense and irritating effects of heavy chemical use. Say goodbye to itchy, red eyes and skin caused by heavy chemical use. Over time, the use of ozone is also a much cheaper alternative to chlorine. Many customers havereported cutting their chemical reliance by up to 95%. A2Z Ozone makes pool sanitation the way it should be: pure and simple.

Ditch harmful chemicals and join the ozone family! 


The A2Z SP Series is designed to integrate smoothly into your swimming pool system via ozone injection method. We also include detailed instructions in our included product manual. Should you need it, we also have expert help eagerly awaiting your call! These units are designed in 3g, 5g, 8g, and 16g/hr ozone output to correspond to your pool size. The SP-3G model outputs 3g/ozone per hour and is ideal for pools (or other large water applications) up to 10,000 gallons  (37,854 liters). In warmer climates, please decrease size of pool by half, or 5,000 gallons (18,927 liters).