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What Is Corona Discharge?

Corona Discharge: “a discharge, frequently luminous, at the surface of a conductor or between two conductors of the same transmission line, accompanied by ionization of the surrounding atmosphere and often by a power loss.” Lost you yet? That’s the definition from www.dictionary.com.

Let us break it down. When you observe a solar eclipse (without looking directly at it, of course!), that ring you see is called a corona, so it goes to reason that corona is snug at the surface.  And the discharge is what causes the glow. Have you ever heard of Saint Elmo’s fire? The glow around a ship’s mast when during a lightning storm? It is caused by corona discharge in the air. Or, did you know that a lightning rod works the same way? While fascinating to watch, you wouldn’t want to touch it!

Mast showing similar to Saint Elmo's Fire

Ozone is a byproduct of this corona discharge. So, without giving any trade secrets away, we can just say, that is the technology behind our ozone generators. And, it works!

Our customers have many purposes for the ozone produced by our generators. Water, for instance. Ozone oxidizes every kind of contaminate in water. Therefore, some of our customers use the MP-3000 Multi Purpose Ozone Generator to clean their well water. Some customers use ozone for their swimming pools and hot tubs. And, some industrial customers use it for cleaning waste water. And, then there are air applications. Just like in water, air can be cleaned of pathogens in unoccupied areas—just remember the three P’s: no People, Pets, or Plants! Please feel free to take a look at our website to find the product right for you.

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