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SP-16G Ozone Generator Plate, Board, Cell Combo
SP-16G Ozone Generator Plate, Cell and Board

SP-16G Ozone Generator Board, Cell on Plate

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Instead of buying a new SP-16G Ozone Generator, consider rebuilding with Official A2Z Ozone components. These parts will replace the plate, board, and cell. The plate is provided with the board and cell free of charge. We will also provide a potentiometer for the SP-16G, also free of charge. The SP-16G is our air-cooled, Corona Discharge ozonizer made with ozone resistant materials. Use a PVDF Venturi Injector to create a vacuum during the ozone applications. Also, keep this unit covered from the elements. Keep the ozonator away from natural gas, oil, gasoline, and other flammable chemicals. It is also important to know that the SP-16G Ozone Generator does not come with an internal built-in air pump. It will require a pump or oxygen generator for operation. Remember to have your technician perform the installation. Make sure to pick the correct voltage, 220V or 110V.

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