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Please Note:

We cannot provide gamma values for medical use of ozone. We do not have these values, and in order for you to receive the proper medical information we strongly advise you to contact your practitioner or doctor.

Ozone has the unique flexibility to offer a wide array of solutions for our everyday problems. In particular, ozone is one of the most natural and effective sanitizers on the planet. Our products reflect this wide range of possibilities with applications ranging from home & personal use, swimming pool & spa sanitation, commercial & industrial uses, and for large scale lab research applications.

Here are just a few applications you may be visiting us to learn about:

  • Potable water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Industrial water treatment
  • Air treatment

Click on each application type below to learn more about how ozone can help solve your sanitation needs.


In the Home

In the Pool

In the Workplace

In the Lab