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10 Steps to Ace Home Inspections

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10 home inspection tips when buying

A key step that must be completed before buying a home is the inspection. The home inspector likely knows what to look for, but keep these points in mind before the inspection is completed.

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How to Keep Produce Fresh in Groceries

A7K Air Applications Air-3500 Air-7000 All About Ozone Commercial Series Industrial Series MP Series Water Applications

keeping produce fruits and vegetables fresh in grocery stores a2z ozone generators

Packing and shipping companies use many unique methods to keep produce fresh before it reaches the grocery store. Ozone can be used in gaseous form or in ozonated water to treat produce in grocery stores.

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The Secret Ways Your Office is Making You Sick

A7K Air Applications Air-3500 Air-7000 Commercial Series Office Odor

sick building sbs ozone generator a2z

Sick Building Syndrome or SBS is used to describe a building in which complaints of ill health are more common than might reasonably be expected, typically attributed to poor indoor air quality. With the oxidizing powers of all-natural ozone, discover how the common culprits of this problem can be eliminated.

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28 Air Ozone Applications

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ways to use ozonated water daily a2z generators

Our ozone generators can be used to shock treat a room to powerfully remove strong odors or used throughout the day to periodically freshen a room. Check out our list of common air applications used by our customers.

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7 Ways to Use Ozone in the Workplace

A7K Air Applications Air-3500 Air-7000 Aqua-6 Aqua-8 MP Series Office Odor Water Applications

workplace uses of ozone generators

Thinking of using ozone in your office or worksite? A wide variety of new industries are beginning to notice the powerful difference of using ozone for their everyday cleaning needs. Check out this infographic for typical work site uses from our customers.

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