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Z-Series Commercial Water Ozone Generators

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Benefits of Owning a Z-Series Commercial Ozone Generator from A2Z Ozone

Includes Durable Features Found in More Costly Ozone Generators

Features Include:

  • Amp meter
  • LED status indicators
  • adjustable ozone concentration
  • easy installation
  • fan-cooled

Ozone Resistant Materials

A2Z Ozone builds its commercial ozone generators with ozone-resistant materials. That enables the Z-Series ozone generators to operate at top notch, providing reliable performance longer.

  • PTFE tubing
  • stainless steel barb connectors
  • quartz glass
  • ceramic tube

Corona Discharge Technology

Corona Discharge produces pure, dependable ozone when paired with an oxygen source.

Internal Pump or Oxygen Supply

With the Z-Series, you have the option of using the built-in internal pump or an external oxygen source. Either option produces ozone. The difference is that an oxygen source will give you more purity and strength. The generator converts oxygen to ozone. The machine produces about 1/5 of what you would get with an oxygen source.

Light Duty Water Ozone Generators

The MP-Series is versatile and adaptable to many ozone applications. It is a good unit to start with when considering heavier applications. If paired with an oxygen source, these units are capable of producing up to 1000 mg/hour, 3000 mg/hour, 5000 mg/hour and 8000 mg/hour, repectively. By simply dialing the timer counterclockwise, the MP-3000, MP-5000, and MP-8000 provide a continuous option. That makes it perfect for Cold Plunge DIY Ice Baths and Backyard Koi Ponds. It will also treat well water with a whole-house ozone water system. Note, the MP-1000 does not have a continuous option.

  • Aqua-8 Personal Water Ozone Generator

    Aqua-8 Water Ozone Generator

    Capable of producing up to 800 mg/hour of ozone with an oxygen source, our customers love the Aqua-8. It can function without oxygen as well. This generator is priced to sell. The original price was $154.99 and is reduced to $95.99.

  • Aqua-6 Ozone Generator

    Aqua-6 Water Ozone Generator

    The Aqua-6 is probably the generator you heard about. Tried and true, it has been a best seller for years. Original price of $107.99 was reduced to $89.99. It is a steal now at $89.99.

Choose the S-Series for a Well-Designed Corona Discharge Ozone Generator. See more Industrial Water Ozone Generators

The S-Series ozone generators are easy to use and maintain. Choose a fan-cooled industrial strength generator from 6 g/hour, 10 g/hour, 16 g/hour, 20 g/hour, and 32 g/hour. For water-cooled generators, look to the 40 g/hour, 50 g/hour, 60 g/hour, 80 g/hour, 100 g/hour, 150 g/hour, and 200 g/hour (S-40G and up.) Please speak to tech support and arrange for or the S-40G and up. Those units require a lead time of at least 6-8 weeks. The S-60G and up are built to suit. The S-6G to S-32G are usually in stock and ready to ship. All of the S-Series ozone generators require oxygen or an external pump to operate. Visit the S-Series page to learn about the fantastic features and benefits to industrial uses such as wastewater treatment by reducing chemical oxygen demand (COD) and bio-chemical oxygen demand (BOD).

Laboratory and Research Water Ozone Generators - Lab Benchtop and Upright

When precision is required, the Lab-Series is the answer. Some of the universal features of the Lab-Series ozone generators include air-cooling and corona discharge technology. LED status indicators and variable ozone output controls along with an adjustable flow meter and 0-0.9 mA panel meter come with each research ozone generator. Ozone resistant materials such as stainless steel, PTFE, quartz glass or ceramic tube for the ozone outlet, stainless steel oxygen inlet and outlet make ozone generation less harmful to the ozone generator.

Lab Benchtop Ozone Generators

Reasonably priced. Accessories included to make setup fast.