What Are Ozone Diffuser Stones?

What Are Ozone Diffuser Stones?


Diffuser Stones Explained

We get a lot of questions about the diffuser stone. When do you need to use them? Which diffuser stone do you need? How do you store the ozone diffuser stones when they're not in use? Good thing you have us to clear it all up.

ozone diffuser stones

What are they?

Diffuser Stones distribute ozone in water. Some of our customers call the stones glass bubblers. Crystallized glass quartz is what makes up an ozone diffuser stone. The porous consistency of the quartz makes for a perfect diffuser of ozone.


We sell several shapes and sizes:

The one-inch diffuser stones go with A2Z Ozone's Aqua-Series ozone generators. The two-inch ozone diffuser stones go with the MP-Series ozone generators.

Round or Oblong?

Either round or oblong stones will do the job. If you have a skinny neck to your glass or stainless steel container, you may wish to use the oblong stone. Otherwise, it does not matter.

Grey or White?

Here, there is a slight difference, but so small that you may not notice. The grey ozone diffuser stones release larger bubbles than the white ones do. So, you may wish to use a white stone if you want to ozonate with more bubbles. But, we use them both at A2Z Ozone and do not worry about the color.

How to use the Ozone Diffuser stones

Aqua-Series (1-inch Stones)

  1. Place the stones no more than four inches deep in free-flowing liquid, like water. Do not place more than two inches deep in a thicker substance, such as oil. (We do not recommend the Aqua-Series for oil.)
  2. Connect to the tubing using the inlet on the stone, and then attach the other end of the tube to the ozone generator.

Aqua-8 Ozone Generators demonstrating the Ozone Out port

For the Aqua-8 Ozone Generator, ensure that the other end of the tubing connects to the Ozone Out port located on the side. It is important not to connect the diffuser stone tubing to the Oxygen In port! This way, the ozone gas will spread into the water.

Aqua-6 Ozone Generator showing the tubing attached to the generator and stone

For the Aqua-6 Ozone Generator, the Ozone Out port is on the bottom of the ozone generator.


MP-Series (2-inch Stones)

MP-1000 Ozone Generator

  1. Connect the tubing to the Ozone Out port.
  2. Place the ozone diffuser stone side no further than 12 inches in the water.

MP-3000, MP-5000, MP-8000 Ozone Generators

  1. Connect the tubing to the Ozone Out port.
  2. Place the stone no further than 18 inches into the water.

Drying and Storing the Ozone Diffuser Stones

After using the stones, place them on a towel or paper towel to air dry. Then, a good practice is to place the stones in a plastic sandwich bag for safekeeping.


Replacing the Ozone Diffuser Stones

Remember to order new stones and tubing every six months to a year. If they get discolored or spotty, that is also a time to replace both the tubing and stones.



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