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Please see our extensive Lab-Series collection below. Click on the desired link for more information, including specifications, and to order. If you wish to speak with a product specialist at A2Z Ozone, call us at 1+502-499-4977 between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (New York Time), Monday through Friday.

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The Lab-Series Research Ozone Generators were designed to be used for scientific research ozone generation by hospitals and universities. These units can also be used as an ozonizer for water, medical, chemical, industrial research, and wastewater treatment facilities. They feature customizable airflow and ozone concentration outputs.

Included in the purchase is the first calibration each of the Lab Benchtop Ozone Generators--those going from 0.5G Lab Benchtop to the 5G Lab Benchtop. Also included are ozone resistant PTFE tubing (8 Ft.) and polyurethane tubing (8 Ft.) Please note, these Lab Benchtop units are designed to work with pure oxygen only. 

Some of the universal features of the Lab-Series ozone generators include Air Cooled, Corona Discharge technology, LED Status Indicators, Variable ozone output controls, adjustable flow meter, 0-0.9 mA panel meter are features included with each research ozone generator. Ozone resistant materials such as stainless steel, PTFE, quartz glass or ceramic tube for the ozone outlet, stainless steel oxygen inlet and outlet make ozone generation less harmful to the ozone generator.

The 6G Lab through the 32G Lab ozone generators are built in a stainless steel frame. Please call 1+502-499-4977 for more details.