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Glass Ozone Bubbler, 1000 mg/L | A2Z Ozone

Glass Ozone Bubbler, 1000 mg/L | A2Z Ozone

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For precise ozonization, you will need a Glass Ozone Bubbler from A2Z Ozone. The ozone water bubbler helps to keep ozone from leaking into the air during long water ozonations. Glass is also an ozone-resistant material. 

Without the oxygen concentrator, and using the Ozone Destructor, you will be able to remove practically all the ozone from the air. There is no smell of ozone.

Items Included:

  • Glass Stem Top w/ Silicone Stopper and Glass Straw
  • Wide-Based Bubbler
  • Tubing to Connect the Ozone Generator to the Oxygen Concentrator or Tank
  • Tubes to Connect the Bubbler Top to the Ozone Generator and the Ozone Destructor

Items Needed:

  • Ozone Generator with Oxygen Hookup
  • Oxygen Concentrator or Tank
  • Tubing to connect the Oxygen Concentrator, Ozone Generator, Bubbler, and Ozone Destructor
  • Check Valve (Optional) for the Ozone Out

When using a Glass Ozone Bubbler, you will need an Aqua-8 Ozone Generator or an MP-Series Ozone Generator so that you can connect an oxygen concentrator to the setup. We sell the Ozone Destructor that you will also need. Visit the Mini Ozone Destructor page if you are using the Aqua-8 Ozone Generator. 

Use the oxygen concentrator (an oxygen tank will also work) to create a more pure form of ozone. Be mindful of the regulator you will need based on your ozone machine. You will need 5 PSI for the Aqua-8 Ozone Generator, and the rates will vary for the MP-Series Ozone Generators. On the other end of the setup, you will need to attach the ozone destructor. 


For your needs, we have 4 sizes. 

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