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We calibrate our Lab Ozone Generators before they leave the shop. Make sure to calibrate Lab-Series Ozone Generators every six months for accuracy. Send your unit into our Service Department to ensure your ozone machine runs well. For all Lab ozonators, call our office to get an invoice for the $200 calibration fee. Your Lab ozonizer will be ready as soon after we receive the ozone machine as possible. We also offer calibration for the Aqua-8 Ozone Generator. The fee for that calibration is $50 for three flow rates. If you wish to discuss the calibration details, contact Customer Service or fill out our form below.


We will repair your A2Z Ozone ozonator that is outside of the one-year parts and service warranty. Generally, we can troubleshoot over the phone and catch common issues. Yet, sometimes the ozonizer will need servicing by our experts. Whether it is a personal unit, an industrial ozone generator, or any unit A2Z Ozone sells, send the unit in and we will repair it. The first hour of labor costs $50 and a repair usually takes within an hour. We charge for parts, but there is no markup on the cost of parts. Contact Customer Service or fill out our form below.

Warranty Work

As strong as our ozone machines are, we do have instances for repairs. Within the one-year parts and service warranty, we will repair your ozonator. Contact Customer Service. We will troubleshoot with you over the phone.

Engineering Consulting

Custom Designs

Our Head Engineer, Albert Noroozi, designs all the ozone generators that are for sale at A2Z Ozone. He is more than happy to share his designing expertise with his customers. Many companies that sell ozone generators are selling Albert's custom models. Some other customers are using his custom designs at their locations. Contact Sales for more information or fill out our form below.

On-Site Collaboration

Albert is able to visit your site to check your existing ozone machine system. He can economically design a new system or modify your current set-up so that it is as efficient as possible. Contact Sales for more information or fill out our form below.