What Kinds of Odor Does an Ozone Generator Treat?

Do you have a dog?

Imagine yourself coming home after a hard day's work. First thing, you and your dog reconnect. A happy time. Then, you let your dog out to do doggy business, while you stay in and get the dog food and replenish the dog water.


Seems like a normal day so far.

So, the dog comes to your glass sliding door looking innocent and happy to see you. Then, you let Rover in, and the stench is overwhelming. Rover's been skunked. It has happened to some of the best of our customers.


So, you have a job cleaning up the dog.

Once that's done, you notice the house still smells like a skunk. No worries, you take the dog outside and pull out your A7K Air Ozone Generator. It typically takes care of the dog odor in the house on the setting of 30 minutes every month or so.


What setting will cure skunk odor?

But now, you put it next to the air intake and set the fan on your air conditioner to run continuously. You set the plates to 2 plates, fan speed to high, and the timer to 4 hours. Then, you take Rover with you and return in 12 to 24 hours. Thank goodness, the skunk odor is gone and the house smells fresh again.


For What Types of Odors Do Ozone Generators NOT Work?

Limit the type of odors you treat with ozone to those that occur in nature. You will not have as much success treating odors such as fresh paint smell or any type of chemical smell. These smells will react with ozone.


And For What Types of Odors DO Ozone Generators Work?

So, pet odor and kitchen odors such as spices are high on the list for homeowners. For landlords and realtors, they treat even tough cigarette smells.

Smoker and his Dog in a Car

Car detailers and used car dealerships use ozone generators in cars. Some of our remediation customers use ozone in fire restoration services. You can treat mold and mildew odors, or odors from water damage.


Don't Give Up!

Some of these odors may take more than one treatment, and these treatments can be back-to-back. If you treat natural odors, you will find much success using ozone. Please use proper precautions as described in a previous article.