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Atelier de l'Ozone - France | A2Z Ozone

Atelier de l'Ozone - France | A2Z Ozone

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Atelier de l'Ozone - France.

That translates to Ozone Workshop - France. Ozone because of the product. Workshop because of our process for making the Ozonated Olive Oil. France? It's merely the personality of our product. Greece is the original home of our organic olive oil. We ozonate this oil in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. A2Z Ozone is our company name. You can find Atelier de l'Ozone - France exclusively on our website.

Currently, we are only selling ozonated olive oil in the USA. 

The Product

Using an ozone generator, we add ozone to cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. A fine, light greenish-white solid gel is the result. Like magic, the thick liquid of the cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil becomes the consistency of petroleum jelly. (See note below.)

What is our secret?

It starts with the ozonation of cold-pressed, Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil from Greece. Our ozone generator is powerful--made to withstand the harsh procedure. See, as the ozone bubbles into the oil, it solidifies, causing stress to the internal components of ozone generators. To the sturdy ozone generator, we add an oxygen concentrator capable producing of 95% oxygen. The combination of a powerful ozone generator, oxygen concentrator, and the finest of cold-pressed, Organic Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil creates a purer form of ozonated oil. We add absolutely nothing else to the product--no chemical additives. Our ozonated olive oil is the result of this process.

Which bottle should I choose?

Pick between our 50 ml (a little over an ounce and a half) or our 100 ml (a little over 3 ounces) bottle. You may ask how long it will last, especially if you are considering the 100 ml bottle. If you store the Atelier de l'Ozone - France ozonated olive oil in a refrigerator, you can expect it to hold the ozone for up to six months. Stored in the freezer, we have yet to see it lose its potency. We estimate that the ozonated olive oil will take years to lose the ozone in the freezer.

Ozonated Olive Oil

What are the benefits?

The benefits of our Atelier de l'Ozone - France Ozonated Organic Olive Oil are up to you. 

NOTE: Ozonated Olive Oil is not for cooking. 

NOTE: Ozonated Olive Oil may liquify some during shipping into tropical or warm climates. Engineer Ali says, "Put the ozonated olive oil into the freezer overnight to gain back the consistency of petroleum jelly. The ozone will still be strong enough to have the effects of ozonated olive oil."

Here is an interesting fact for you. At the turn of the 20th century, Nicola Tesla produced the first ozonated olive oil. According to Dr. Saul Pressman in The Story of Ozone, in 1896 Tesla patented an ozone generator. He created ozonated olive oil in 1900.

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