Ozone Resistant 1" Round Diffuser Stone and Tubing Set--2 White and 1 – A2Z Ozone
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Tubing and Round Stones for the Aqua-Series
Ozone Resistant stones and polyurethane Tubing Set

Ozone Resistant 1" Round Diffuser Stone and Tubing Set--2 White and 1 Gray Stone--Aqua-Series

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Combo pack of two of our best sellers. Combines the Ozone Resistant Round Diffuser Stones (2 White and 1 Gray stone) and 2 sets of 3 feet Polyurethane Tubing Set in one convenient package. This package when purchased separately can cost $36 or more.

This combo pack is an official replacement for the Aqua-6 and Aqua-8 Ozone Generators. 

 A2Z Diffuser Stones are used to evenly distribute ozone into water. Each set includes two fine white round stone diffusers and one course round gray stone diffuser. These stones both work fine with water applications. The white stones produce finer gas bubbles than the gray stone.

Directions: Insert tubing into ozone out port on the unit, place the other end of the tubing around the plastic part on stone. Insert the stone into liquid and begin.

In Case of Accidental Leakage of Ozone, Keep the Ozone Generator in a Well-Ventilated Area.

Ozone Generators Emit Ozone. Do Not Inhale Ozone.

Ozone Generators generate high voltage.

Our ozone generators are designed and Distributed by A2Z Ozone, Inc. in Louisville, Kentucky USA.

EPA Est.: 95432-KY-1

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