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Aqua-8 Calibration
Aqua-8 Calibration

Aqua-8 Calibration

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Calibrate if using the Aqua-8 for precise ozonation

For the Aqua-8 Ozone Generator, calibration is key to keeping accurate results. Every three to six months, depending on use, have one of our experts calibrate the Aqua-8 for you.  We will calibrate your Aqua-8 Ozone Generator, for a fee of $50, plus shipping.  That fee will cover three flow rates. If you wish to have more than three flow rates, it will cost $100, plus shipping. Please send your unit, along with a list of the calibration flow rates you require, to:

ATTN: Calibration Department
A2Z Ozone
1844 Cargo Court
Louisville, KY 40299


Some flow rates you may consider are below. This is the original calibration.

Please ensure that you place your contact information in the package so that we can communicate with you and get your unit back to you. Also, include your order number for your calibration in with the note.

Expect the entire process, from shipping to calibration to shipping back to you, to take three to four weeks. In rare instances, it may be longer.

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