Landlords Rejoice! – A2Z Ozone

Landlords Rejoice!


Perhaps you've found mold or mildew in the home or apartment. Cleaning does wonders, but a good treatment with ozone will kill the spores so that there is no reoccurrence.

Have you ever had a tenant who smoked? How did you try to explain it away to the next tenant? Maybe by reducing the rent!

Not anymore. Use the A7K Air Ozone Generator. This portable machine gets rid of all odors, including cigarette smoke.

A7K Air Ozone Generator

 At 7,000 mg / hour, the concentration is strong enough for the toughest odors. Here is a handy guide:

A7K Air Ozone Generator Run Time
Besides your rental home or apartment, you will find it works great in the car, too!
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