Industrial Ozone Generators

Make no mistake--A2Z Ozone's industrial ozone generators are in use all around us. All of our industrial generators, from the S-6G to the mighty S-200G; these industrial units are making a difference in the world we live in. Check out all of the industrial units now at Industrial Ozone Generator Online Catalog.

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Some of the applications for industrial use include:


    *Preparing drinking water

    *recycling water

  • *food and beverage preparation
  • *aquaculture
  • *aquariums and swimming pools
  •   Industrial S-Series Ozone Generators

    A2Z Ozone's

    Industrial S-Series Ozone Generators

    Our S Series Industrial units, while being more sturdy than ordinary ozone generators, include added features such as a flow meter and amp meter. These features offer research scientists the control they need for precise measurements. The S Series units also allow for oxygen hookup, which provides scientists with a more pure form of ozone. We sell Airsep brand oxygen generators; a brand that pairs nicely with our ozone generators.


     Amp MeterAmp Meter

    Flow meterFlow Meter / Amp Meter

    Oxygen Generator

    Oxygen Generator

    Perhaps even more valued by scientists, universities, chemical researchers, and hospitals, are the Lab Benchtop units. Conveniently sized, they offer a sturdy frame made of stainless steel, glass, and PTFE--all ozone resistant materials. These units come in various strengths ranging from 1 g / hour to 5 g / hour. Features for these air and water ozone generators include precision input and output sides of the unit, and an adjustable flow regulator. The concentration and volume adjusts to any application. And, should the unit stop making ozone, the unit displays a fault warning light.Lab Benchtop Ozone Generator

    Finally, there is the Z-Series Ozone Generators. They are intended for disinfection and oxidation of water. This unit includes an amp meter and a fault warning light in case ozone production stops. There is an oxygen hookup. Starting at 3g / hour, these units go up to 10 g / hour.

    Z-5G Ozone Generator

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