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In the Home

Thinking of using ozone to treat your tap water? Or clean your fruits and vegetables? The KEY with ozone is the concentration, at the right levels, ozone is a very safe and effective sanitizer.

The team at A2Z Ozone believes that everyone should be able to benefit from the use of ozone, everyday, in their OWN homes. To help reach our goal, we design and manufacture products that can be used in every room in your home-- from the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom and basement!



Let's get to the FaQ's!!

The application and benefits of ozone can be used everyday and in surprising ways!

Hand washing:  Instantly ozonate your tapwater when washing hands and doing dishes (check out our Aqua Touch) 

Water Purification: The unit produces different concentrations of ozone for sterilization, disinfection, removal of impurities from decomposition and oxidation, removal of residual chlorine, oxidation of heavy metals, and clarification through oxidation.

ProduceRinse fruits and vegetables for neutralization of residual
 pesticides and fertilizers, and to kill surface
bacteria and virus.  The flavor is fresh and vibrant and the preservation period is greatly extended.

Meat and Poultry:  Rinse and soak meat and poultry in ozonated water to kill salmonella, E. coli and other harmful microbes, as well as to neutralize residual hormones. Preservation time is increased 2 to 5 times.

Fish: Rinse and soak fish in ozonated water to kill microbes and remove fishy odor.

Beauty:  Use ozonated water for washing, shampooing and bathing, to remove skin bacteria and activate epidermal cells.

Daily Uses: Use ozonated water for daily disinfection of clothing, dishes and tableware, baby's toys, etc.

Oral Hygiene: Brush teeth, rinse mouth, and gargle with ozonated water to freshen the breath and prevent oral diseases such as gingivitis.

Pets: Use ozonated water to bathe and disinfect pets, remove fur odors, prevent growth of skin bacteria, and reduce flea breeding.

Floors: Use ozonated water to clean floors in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and toilets to prevent bacteria and mold.

Why choose ozone for your daily needs?

One of the most miraculous things about ozone is that after it destroys germs and bacteria it reverts BACK TO OXYGEN, meaning no hazardous or chemical byproducts.  

Is it safe to use in my home? 

  • Our in-home generators are designed to produce just the right amount of ozone to effectively sanitize your water and air, but not strong enough to exceed recommended EPA levels.  The current EPA standard for in-air ozone is .05 ppm.  Ozone also has a 20-30 minute half-life in the air meaning that its' concentration will break down quickly.

Will ozone destroy mold and mildew?

Again, our answer depends on ozone concentration.  To effectively remove a strong offender like mold or mildew- you absolutely need a very high level of ozone for maximum saturation of the mold.  Industry standard and research suggests that 5,000mg and higher is a fairly effective amount of ozone for shock treatment.  Again, this amount depends on how severe your damage is, shock treatment can include anything from mold and mildew removal, to pet odor, to smoke damage.  Our air ozone generators, the Air-7000 and A7K are shock treaters, these units produce 7000mg/hr ozone output and are not designed for everyday household tasks like the Aqua 6



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600mg/hr ozone output

The Aqua 6, 600 mg/hour ozone generator is a light-weight, portable unit that can assist you in every room in your house!  This unit is exceptionally easy to use and reliable, and has been our best-seller for nearly 10 years.  This unit includes a timer with 15 different settings designed for the particular function you need it for. 

 A2Z Ozone Aqua 6 Ozone Generator


In the Kitchen:

  • Treatment of Fruits and Vegetables- (Function #4) The shelf life of fruits and vegetables can be extended by ozone treatment.  Not only will they keep a more attractive appearance, they will also stay fresher longer.  To help keep your produce fresh, fill your sink or large bowl with water and place the Aqua 6 dispersion stone 2-4" deep in the sink or bowl.  Place the veggies and fruit in the water and operate for the Aqua 6 for 15 minutes.  It's that easy.

A2Z Ozone Aqua 6 Ozone Generator Cleaning Vegetables


  • Water treatment- The Aqua-6 has the ability to purify anywhere from a glass to a gallon of water!  It can also be used for bath water in tubs, small storage tanks, and fish tanks.  The Aqua 6 is used to remove undesirable tastes in water including chemicals, odors, and colors caused by iron, copper, maganese, chlorine, and organic chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides.  To treat water, place white or gray dispersion stone into the water container (no more then 4" deep) and leave the unit on the recommended program function.  

One gallon of water= 20 minutes ozonation

One glass of water= 2 minutes ozonation

  • Dental Hygiene- A simple way to promote gum health and prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and microorganisma is to soak your toothbrush in ozonated water for at least 3 minutes before or after each use.  That's all it takes to get rid of germs and bacteria found on most toothbrushes. Gargling with ozonated water every day is a great way of promoting dental hygiene.  Say hello to clean, fresh breath!!
  • Freshen the Air- The Aqua 6 is not just used for water- you can also mount your unit on the wall and choose to release ozone into the air.  Particularly useful if you have pet/pet odor, smoke damage, or just simply want to keep your room fresh and clean smelling!

Other typical applications:

  • Cleaning Food and Cooking Utensils
  • Baby Bottle Sanitation
  • Removing food odor in the kitchen, such as strong onion or burnt oil smell
  • Ozonating vase water, increasing the longevity of cut-flowers   

Ozonated Flowers


                                                              Our office manager Chris managed to bloom new buds on his 4-week old flowers after ozonating their water! 


500 mg/ozone per hour ozone generator for your kitchen or bathroom sink



THE a2z Ozone Aqua Touch Water Faucet Ozone GeneratorA2Z Ozone Aqua Touch Water Faucet Ozone Generator and Accessorises

Our Aqua Touch 500mg/hr ozone generator is ideal for use in the home, office or restaurant!  The Aqua Touch features an innovative, sleek touch screen design that will look modern in your kitchen or bathroom!

The Aqua Touch may be installed in homes, hospitals, restaurants, hotels and dental/doctor offices.

In the Home:

  • Hand washing:  Use ozone to kill bacteria, viruses, and reduce spread of disease
  • Water purification:  The unit produces different levels of ozone (maxing out at 500 mg/hr) for sterilization, disinfection, removal of impurities from decomposition and oxidation, oxidation of heavy metals and making water turn clear through oxidation
  • Produce:  Rinse fruits and vegetables for neutralization of residual particles and fertilizers and to kill surface bacteria.  
  • Meat & Poultry:  Rinse and soak meat and poultry in ozonated water to kill salmonella, e-coli, and other harmful microbes, as well as to neutralize residual hormones.  Preservation time is increased 2-5 times.
  • Beauty:  Use ozonated water for washing, shampooing, and bathing to remove skin bacteria and activate epidermal cells.
  • Daily Usage and Applications:  Use ozonated water for daily disinfection of clothing, toys, personal items, etc.

Hospitals & Hotels:

  • Hands:  Wash hands under ozone faucet for 30 seconds to disinfect without the use of antibacterial liquids.  
  • Kitchens:  Rinse raw fruits, vegetables, fish and meat to destroy bacteria and extend refrigerated shelf life.  Rinse tableware and dishes to disinfect.
  • Guest Rooms:  Ozonated water in bathroom for washing, oral cleanliness, and other applications using ozonated water.
  • Laundry:  Bed sheets, blankets, and pillowcases can be washed with ozonated water for disinfection, sterilization, deodorizing, bleaching, reducing the use of chemicals and loering operating costs.
  • Administrative Offices:  Hotel employees can wash their hands for disinfection, reducing risk of transmitted diseases.


A7K- Air ozone generator w/remote control

7000 mg/ozone or 3500mg/ozone output per hour



A2Z Ozone A7K Air Ozone Generator

The A7K is designed to shock treat any room with mold, mildew, or strong odor damage.  This unit is extremely reliable, heavy duty and built to last.  Unique features include a remote control for ease of timer setting, with timer functions ranging from 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours or 4 hours, including a repeat timer.  Users also have the option of activating only one plate for 3500 mg/ozone per hour or both plates, activating 7000 mg/ozone per hour.  Due to the high concentration of ozone release, the A7K must run in an unoccupied space, meaning no humans, animals or plants in the room while the unit is running.  We recommend cooling down the unit 30 minutes after each run.

In the home or basement:

  • Use the A7K to shock treat an area plagued by mold or mildew.  Mildew responds best to very high levels of concentration very rapidly, making the 7,000mg/hr shock treat capability of the A7K ideal for mold and mildew removal
  • Use the A7K to remove strong smoke damage to a room 
  • Removes pollen and pet odor

In hotels or offices:

  • Use the A7K to freshen dusty or stale air in an office or at the workplace
  • Shock treat rooms with smoke damage or other odor damage when the room is unoccupied!