Frequently Asked Questions – A2Z Ozone

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of technology are A2Z Ozone Generators?

Our generators utilize corona discharge technology.

Can I be in the room when my unit is running?

The short answer: It depends which unit you are running. If you are running the Aqua-6, you should be good to go. If you're running the A7K, under no circumstances is it safe to be in the room. However, it is a rare occurrence that someone will have an allergic reaction to ozone in the air. Consult your physician or practitioner for more information.

The Aqua-6 produces 600 mg / hour of ozone. It is strong enough to freshen up a small closet and produce ozonated water for the purposes of washing fruits and vegetables, drinking, and bathing.

Meanwhile, the A7K produces 7,000 mg / hour of ozone and is made to eradicate foul odors such as smoke damage and kill mold and mildew.

When using the ozonator for oil, do I need to turn off the internal air compressor if I do not have an oxygen generator/tank/concentrator/etc. attached?

No, if you do not have an external oxygen accessory you do not need to turn the compressor off. Only turn the internal air compressor off if you are using a external oxygen accessory.

What are the stones for?

For the Aqua6, the white stone is for water, the gray stone is for oil.
For MP Series or Industrial, the gray stones are used for both water and oil. 

What is ppm and how does it relate to ozone generators?

        Parts per million. How much ozone is in the air/water.

Can I drink the water that I ozonate?

Our customers do often purchase the Aqua-6 to ozonate water to drink. Some of our employees also drink the ozonated water from our Aqua Touch faucet ozone generator. You can drink it right away, with the taste and smell of ozone, or you can wait for 20 - 30 minutes for the ozone to dissipate.

How much ozonated water is too much to drink?

This question is truly a question for your practitioner or doctor. We do not understand the workings of the human body. Instead, we work with the ozone machine. But, moderation is a good rule of thumb.

How long should I wait to drink my ozonated water after ozonating?

Ozone dissipates out of the water within 20-30 minutes. If you are drinking it after that time, it will just be clean, sterilized, oxidized water.

Are my pets safe around ozone?

        See: "Can I be in the room when my unit is running?"

Are my plants safe around ozone?

         See: "Can I be in the room when my unit is running?"

What is a Venturi injector?

A component that utilizes venturi effect to inject a small amount of one x into the flow of another x. Used e.g. to inject ozone to water for swimming pools.

How do I fix...?

If you are having any issues with your unit, please contact us at the office at 502-499-4977 or so that we can help you troubleshoot your issue. If your unit needs new parts or repair, we will be able to determine that as well.

How much ozone do the units put out?

It depends on the model. For example, the MP1000 puts out 1000mg/1g per hour, MP 3000 puts out 3000mg/3g per hour, etc. Each model should specify maximum output on their respective pages.

What are the gamma measurements for my particular unit?

We at A2Z Ozone are aware that many people use ozone technologies for medical applications. Unfortunately, we are not practitioners or doctors, and we do not have one on site to assist customers with these questions. We are experts in the ozone machines only. Please contact your doctor or practitioner for these measurements.

Do you have distributors in my area?

Everything is shipped out of our warehouse. We can ship almost anywhere in the world (UPS, USPS, FedEx) and have it arrive exactly where you want it.

What is the best location to put the ozonator?

The best location is to put the ozone generator in the room where the odors are the strongest. If the odor is throughout the entire house or apartment, place the unit near the intake to facilitate mixing of the ozone throughout the area.

Will the ozone go through walls?       

No. Ozone cannot pass through walls freely. It can only occupy open spaces.

Will Ozone ruin my leather furniture or electronic equipment?

Ozone is a powerful oxidixer but the concentrations generated from our rental units will not ruin any materials or equipment inside your house. We guarantee it! The ppm is not high enough to have an affect on the furniture or equipment.

Will the odor removal be permanent?

Yes. Using our units will be permanent as long as the source of the odor is removed.

How do I determine the best unit for me?

Determining what application you require (air, water, oil) and how many square feet or gallons of water you are wanting to ozonate at one time will help us to narrow down what unit will work for you. If you want a multipurpose model that has a continuous use setting, you will need an MP3000 or above. The ever-popular Aqua 6 multipurpose unit is a great product for customers new to ozone generators. 

Which unit is best for shock treatment of air?

The A7K is a powerful shock treatment model with dual plate activation. If you live in the area, you can even rent one by the day or week!

How long do the generators last?

Our generators are built to be repairable. The average amount of time before replacement parts need to be ordered is about 2 years for new units.

Pool Questions

How is ozone released into the water?

         Via Venturi Injector.

How long will ozone last in my pool?

Dependent on the temperature, the average answer is that the ozone dissipates within 30 minutes, leaving sterilized, oxygenated water behind.

How much chemical treatment will I need to supplement the ozone?

Reduce the chemicals in your pool by up to 95% with ozone. That is to say, use only 5% of the amount of algae killer, for example, that you were adding before.

Will temperature and humidity affect the pool?

Temperature will affect the amount of time that the ozone remains in the water. There is a water solubility chart under INFORMATION: ALL ABOUT OZONE. 

Is ozone safe for the pool equipment?

As long as it is not an incompatible material. See chart under INFORMATION: ALL ABOUT OZONE.