Covid-19 Update for Our Supply Chain Issue--Good News!

NOTICE: Our Response to the Covid-19 Supply Chain Interruption

Good News! We are now selling Industrial Ozone Generators (Our S-Series), Commercial Ozone Generators (Our Z-Series), and Laboratory Ozone Generators (Our Lab-Series). Please email for any questions or concerns.

Due to an interruption in our supply chain, we are unable to process orders at the present time for some ozone generators. We have parts on hand for repair and warranty work. Parts and accessories are presently available for purchase.  We will be monitoring our email. Please contact us at or for assistance. We do not know when our stock will be replenished but rest assured, we are doing everything we can to get back our inventories. Visit our site to find out the latest on our stock. We do wish to thank all of our customers for your patience at this time and also for your continued support. Please stay well and keep checking our website for updates.