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 Let an SP-Series Swimming Pool Generator Transform Your Pool!

What bothers you most about your pool? Is it the maintenance headache? Or could it be getting red eyes, itchy skin, and green hair after a long splash with the family? A2Z Ozone has the answer for both problems. Unlike the chemical alternatives, we can transform your pool as well as your swimming experience.

Are you ready to consider your alternatives to heavy chlorine or bromine? Try A2Z Ozone's Swimming Pool series of ozone generators. Our customers are amazed at what ozone can do to a pool. The are pleased with the quality of our ozone generators. Don’t let me convince you. Listen to what our customers say:

“We had an ozone generator of lesser quality and it did not keep up with our pools needs. We still had to add chemicals. We purchased the SP 3 generator and have had the clearest pool ever. Even with all the rain and humidity this summer what little algae we did get just vacuumed up no problem. We just recommended this to friend and they ordered one for their pool.”

Shelly A., quote taken from our comment area on our website.

“Before coming across A2Z Ozone Inc, I searched the Internet for available pool ozone generators and was disappointed to find that they were far too weak (much less than 1 g/hr whereas my research indicated a need for at least 1-1.5 g/hr for 7400 litre pool) or far too expensive. Needless to say SP3 proved not only powerful (3 g/hr adjustable but we let it run at 100%) but at very affordable price!”

George P., quote taken from our comment area on our website. Please note, A2Z Ozone recommends using a small amount of chlorine or bromine.

Either one will take care of the algae growth in the pool.


SP-3G Swimming Pool Ozone GeneratorKeep in mind, most home pools will fit under 25,000 gallons, or 94,000 liters of water. For this size pool, the SP-3 Swimming Pool model is ideal. But, A2Z Ozone has three more Swimming Pool Ozone Generators – the SP-5, SP-8, and SP-16. Each one goes up in mg / hour. We have included a chart below if you are inclined to read the pool sizes per gallon.

 Ahh, the Spa!

SpaSo, you have a spa, too? We can help with that, as well! In fact, the experience of a hot tub filled with ozonated water is unmatchable! Imagine, coming home after a hard day’s work, slipping into an ozonated spa. You will not have the smell of chlorine, dry skin, itchy eyes, nose and throat, brittle hair. All you have to do is relax!

A2Z Ozone has two sizes in Spa Ozone Generators: The Aquatic Spa Ozone Generator, which is made specifically for larger spas and hot tubs using over 1,500 Gallons, or approximately 5,678 Liters of water. These tubs may hold typically up to 10 people. For a smaller tub, we have the Aquatic 2 Spa Ozone Generator, which is for spas up to 500 Liters, or 132 Gallons of water. An Aquatic 2 will serve a one or two-person tub nicely, if it is 500 Liters or less. Well, once again, please listen to what our customers have to say:

"I really appreciate when things work like they ought to. The A2Z was easy to install and seems to work great. I didn't realize my older ozone generator wasn't working properly until I installed the new one. I was really led to replace the old unit by a mechanical issue. I'd sprung a leak from the check valve and while replacing the valve and associated tubing (which had gotten pretty brittle)...the nipple on the old ozone generator broke off.

"Once I installed the A2Z generator I realized...oh wow...that's what ozone bubbles are supposed to look like! I know it's subjective but the ozone bubble flow should be strong and readily apparent. This A2Z unit does that in spades and reminds me of when my spa was new. And, you can't beat the price."

Submitted by Michael to our website.

And, from Big Island, Hawaii:

"What an amazing difference this ozone generator has made in our spa. The water is always crystal clear and feels super clean. No odor, no scum, no problems. It was easy to install and comes on twice a day with pump. I highly recommend this product."





Aquatic Spa Ozone GeneratorAquatic 2 and Accessories


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For technical junkies, some specs for both the pool and spa are included below:


Aquatic Spa Ozone Generator

Aquatic 2 Spa Ozone Generator



Technology: CD Corona Discharge Technology

Technology: CD Corona Discharge Technology

Electric: 100-250 VAC, 50/60Hz

Electric: 85-250 VAC, 50/60Hz

Power: 9 W

Power: 6 W

Ozone output: 300 mg/hr

Ozone output: 300 mg/hr

Size: 7.5 x 5 x 3.2 inch

Size: 3.6x 2.5x 5.7 inches

Weight: 1.2 pounds

Weight: .74 lbs

Connection: AMP model

Connection: AMP model

Cable: 5.5 ft

Cable: 5.5 ft

Check Valve: 1/4 inch

Check Valve: 1/4 inch

Tube: 5 ft

Tube: 5 ft

Aquatic is perfect for larger spas fitting about 10 people, holding up to 5,678 Liters, or 1,500 Gallons. 

Aquatic 2 is perfect for small spas that hold up to 500 Liters, or 132 Gallons. 


Swimming Pool:

Pool Size Ozone Output Required Recommended Venturi Sizing
25,000G/95,000L 3000MG/H(3G/H) 1/4" or 1/2"
50,000G/190,000L 5000MG/H(5G/H) 1/2" or 3/4"
100,000G/380,000L 8000MG/H(8G/H) 1/2" or 3/4"
200,000G/760,000L 16000MG/H(16G/H) 1"


Ideal pump run time on 24 hour cycles. If user chooses to run pump on 12-hour cycle time then water circulating rate should be once each 3 to 4 hour period. The pump should re-circulate the total volume of pool water through the injector at least once each 4 hr period for maximum liters.

If the pool volume is say 60000 liters then the pump should be capable of re-circulating the water at a rate of at least 15000 liters per hour. This way, the total volume of water through the pool will be passing through the injector at least once each 4 hour period. Less pump run time for the minimum liters. Use Sodium Bromide if additional chemicals are required. Dosage is 20 g per 1000 Liters of water every 6 months.

Less chemicals will be needed the longer the ozone generator is in place.