Ozone is one of nature’s most powerful and effective sanitizers. Because of this, ozone treatment is widely used in pharmaceutical, beverage and water treatment industries around the word. Ozonolysis is a process which uses ozone to cleave unsaturated organic bonds. It is the oxidation of alkalines by ozone to form alcohol. In waste water research and treatment, ozone is a powerful oxidant to reduce the chemical oxygen demand (COD) and bio-chemical oxygen demand (BOD) of organic material.

Other example applications include: 

  • Water Disinfection Systems
  • Food Process and Production
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Swimming Pools and Spas
  • Chlorine, Bromine, Ozone, Peroxyacetic acid
  • De-chlorination
  • Cyanide Destruct
  • Chrome Reduction

A2Z engineers and manufactures Lab Research and Industrial units that produce high levels of ozone concentration to complete these applications. A2Z Ozone is ready to meet your ozone needs. We routinely build custom units to order to match your ozone output needs. 

These complex processes benefit from an accurate ozone monitor. A2Z Ozone offers three choices in ozone monitors to meet your needs. The O3 - 1001 Ozone Monitor / Controller is used for measuring the humidity, the temperature, and ozone level in the air in PPB (parts per billion). The Pulse Instruments 7515 Ozone Tester offers great versatility in design and action for multiple applications, with an ergonomic design and weatherproof format. With it's microprocessor based auto buffer recognition, push button keypad and 4 independent control relays for pH and ORP each, this controller is user friendly and easy to set up. Finally, the ATI Model Q45H/64 Dissolved Ozone Monitor is the ideal choice for on-line monitoring and control of ozonation systems. Capable of measuring DO3 concentrations as low as 0-200 PPB full scale, the system provides the sensitivity needed for demanding applications such as pharmaceutical grade water or semiconductor wash water. And with the standard 0-2 PPM range, the monitor is ideally suited to water bottling systems or municipal water treatment. Even high range applications requiring 0-20 or 0-200 PPM can be easily accommodated.


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