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Don't forget to test your water.

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Buy an MP-Series Light-Duty Water Ozone Generator or Aqua-Series Water Ozone Generator and Receive a Bottle of SenSafe Ozone Check Strips Free (50 Strips per Bottle)


The Aqua-Series is a leader in the ozone generator marketplace. The Aqua-6 Ozone Generator, having been A2Z Ozone's best-seller since 2004, is now in second place to the Aqua-8 Ozone Generator.

Get Introduced to Ozone

These ozonators are two of the best choices for introducing ozone into your routine. Both are ideal for beginners. Below, learn a little about some of the applications for the Aqua-6 and the Aqua-8.

NOTE: The Aqua-Series Ozone Generators are not suitable for a cold plunge tub, a freezer converted into one, or an ice bath. The Aqua-Series Ozone Generators are not made to withstand the pressure of more than 4 to 6 inches into the water. Please look into the MP-3000 Ozone Generator for a more appropriate match. 

What Can I do With Ozone?

  • Cleaning drinking water
  • introduce oxygen into the body (consult practitioner or ozone doctor)
  • reducing pathogens, pesticides, and chemicals from produce (a customer favorite) 
  • cleaning toothbrushes and dental equipment
  • clean toys
  • cleaning surfaces in the kitchen or bathroom
  • Reduce fish tank maintenance


Key Features of the Aqua-6 and Aqua-8 Ozone Generators:

  • One-time use, 1-hour repeat, 4-hour repeat
  • LED display for functions
  • Corona discharge technology
  • Wall-mountable or portable, lightweight


Fish Tank at A2Z Ozone



Key Differences of the Aqua-6 and Aqua-8 Ozone Generators:

Aqua-6 Features

Aqua-8 Features

No Oxygen Connection

Oxygen In Port

120 mg/hour ozone output

160 mg/hour ozone output without oxygen


Up to 800 mg/hour ozone output with oxygen

15 settings

18 settings

No internal memory

Maintains previous setting with power loss

No onboard diagnostics

Diagnostics—pump, ozone, fan function

Lays down

Stands upright

Why Use Oxygen?

Used with an oxygen generator or tank, you will get ozone that is purer than without oxygen. You can also use the Aqua-8 without oxygen. Note, that the Aqua-6 does not have an oxygen port.