Ozone in Advanced Holistic Dentistry

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Aqua-8 Ozone Generator
A-7000 Air Ozone Generator
Ozonated Olive Oil
MP-Series Ozone Generator

The Aqua-8 Water Ozone Generator

A-7000 Air Ozone Generator

Ozonated Olive Oil

MP-Series Ozone Generators


Healing Properties of Ozone

Ozone heals due to its effects on viruses and bacteria, even yeast and fungi. It also increases oxygen around the wound area, which aids in healing. 

Ozone in the Modern Holistic Dental Practice

As a DDS or DMD, your patients turn to you for help, especially when they are suffering. A2Z Ozone gets the chance to meet dental patients prescribed ozone. Many order the Aqua-8 Ozone Generator based on what their dental practitioners recommend.

Forms of Ozone

In dentistry, dentists apply ozonated water and oils to their patients. Dentists are also known to use the ozone in a gas state in dental applications.

Practical Applications

  • Treat Tooth Decay
  • Treat Periodontal Disease
  • Use During Endodontic Procedures
  • Treat Infections of the mouth
  • Treat TMJ Pain

Ozone Uses in the Dental Office

Aqua-8 Water Ozone Generator

  • Clean dental instruments.
  • Wash exposed sink areas with ozonated water. 

A-7000 Air Ozone Generator

A dentist's office harbors odors as much as a doctor's office. Start each day with a clean office so that odors will not offend sensitive patients. Keep in mind that ozone can react with chemicals. Apply ozone to more natural bad odors, such as body odors. 

Ozonate the air in the evening when no people, pets, or plants are in the office. The runtime of about 30 minutes is all you will need for an office that is 2,500 to 3,000 square feet. Open all the doors to each room and everything will be fresh in the morning. Give 12 hours to ensure the ozone reverts to oxygen properly before opening for business.

Ozonated Olive Oil

When Nikola Tesla invented the ozone generator, he peddled it for ozonated oil. Ozonated olive oil treats many of the issues that bring the patients into the office in the first place.

Making Ozonated Olive Oil

A2Z Ozone takes pride in the craftsmanship of  our brand, the Atelier de l'Ozone - France Ozonated Olive Oil. To begin the ozonation, we select Greek cold-pressed, organic extra virgin olive oil. This selection process is key to the integrity of the oil. Then, we use our S-32G Industrial Ozone Generator along with an oxygen generator.

The Importance of Oxygen

When oxygen moves through the ozone machine, it allows for a purer creation of the ozonated olive oil. Only the oxygen turns into ozone, so if you do not use oxygen, you end up with chemical byproducts that come out of our air. To ensure that the ozonated oil is as pure as possible, we percolate it in a clean, ozone-resistant stainless steel vat. In the end, we crafted our ozonated olive oil to be of excellent quality.

Since we are not in the medical profession, we strongly advise you to seek professional opinion about how to use ozonated olive oil in your practice. A good starting point towards understanding the benefits to your patients is this paper in National Library of Medicine, PMC PubMed Central, about Ozonated Oil in Wound Healing. From the same source comes a paper specifically about ozone and dentistry

 MP-Series Ozone Generators

These ozone generators emit powerful ozone for water. Note, that we do not recommend the MP-Series for ozonating oil. Note, it is important to keep the ozone generator run area well-ventilated. People, pets, and plants cannot be in the room with these generators running, unless you are also using an ozone destructor


At-Home Uses -- The Aqua-8 Ozone Generator


Getting your patients to practice proper dental hygiene is the biggest step in prevention.

We talk with dental patients. We find that once they experience ozone in their dentist's office, they are convinced to use ozone at home. If you teach them ozone, their dental hygiene will improve. In the future, we will be producing future blog posts about some of the methods we find work for us.

  • Clean dental instruments.
  • Wash exposed sink areas with ozonated water. 
  • Clean Dentures and toothbrushes

A Favorite Use for Our Customers -- Ozone Combats Halitosis

Everyone has it occasionally, especially after a satisfying meal.

Patients turn to their dentists when they are embarrassed of their persistant bad breath. It's important to encourage regular dental hygiene. Ozone helps the patient manage their bad breath. It replaces mouthwashes that often produce a tingling sensation. The ozone also encourages reducing the bacteria that is often the cause of bad breath.


Disclaimer: A2Z Ozone is not a medical facility and does not have any practitioners on staff. Please consult practitioners who understand medical and dental practices with ozone. Conduct your research thoroughly.