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Aqua Touch - 500 MG/H Touch Screen Water Faucet Ozone Generator

$ 139.99

Aqua Touch

500mg/hr ozone output

The Aqua Touch is a sleek, modern touch screen generator designed to plumb into your kitchen nozzle or sink to instantly mix ozone into your tap water.  We supply a stainless steel nozzle to replace yours, the nozzle then attaches to a tube which the ozone flows through to mix with your water as your turn it on.  At 500mg ozone per hour, the Aqua Touch effectively removes bacteria from water used for rinsing, washing and drinking.  Ideal for kitchen or bathrooms! 

The Aqua Touch has been installed in homes, hospitals and restaurants!

  • Light, aesthetic design requiring minimum assembly.
  • Large attractive LCD touch screen with dynamic movement when operating.
  • Clock with dual display.
  • Touch sensor buttons.
  • Automatic start up sensor when water is turned on.
  • Design separates electronics from water for safety.
  • Circuit design automatically accepts all voltages.
  • Precision AVR generator produces adequate and stable ozone ions.
  • Automatic high voltage detection and protection.
  • Five ozone density settings.
  • Ozone introduced in diffuser for most effective mixing with water.
  • Automatic delayed shutdown to extend life of unit and tubing by flushing with air.
Technical Details:
  • Input voltage: 100V-250V, 50/60Hz
  • Rated power: 9 W
  • Ozone ions produced in water under 0.1 Mpa pressure):  3*0.4-0.8 mg / litr
  • Minimum amount of ozone produced: 500 mg / hour
  • Weight: 620g
  • External dimensions: 135mm (L) x 58mm(W)  x 188mm (H)
Applications Include:
  • washing hands and utensils
  • rinsing food 
  • improving the purity and taste of tap water 
  • capable of effectively sterilizing many germs including E. coli, salmonella and staph.

The technical elements are housed in an elegant silver and black case mounted on the wall, and are controlled by an electronic LCD touch screen. The Aqua Touch diffuses ozone into water via a hose connected to an aerator on the faucet.  The unit is installed on a wall next to a power outlet and adjacent to a sink. The system includes an aerator with a connection for the ozone hose, and an adapter to put the aerator on any faucet.  Production of ozone is confirmed by a display of radiating pulsing light bars. Five ozone densities can be selected on the LCD touch screen. An LED numeric display serves as both a clock and a timer.

The Aqua Touch is available in all voltages!

one year warranty aqua touch30 day money back aqua touch


All of our generators come with a one year full parts and service warranty, we also offer a 30-day money back guarantee! Return your unit in new condition and receive a refund minus 10% restocking fee. Shipping is paid by the customer. In the case of warranty work, contact us for a return label and shipping will be paid for by A2Z Ozone, Inc. International shipping will be paid for by the customer both ways. However, if you have an issue with a unit, we will be happy to troubleshoot with you over the phone. Often, an issue can be resolved in this way, and we can talk you through a repair. Each individual case is different. We at A2Z Ozone, Inc. are committed to providing you with the best service possible. 

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