Why We Love Ozone (And You Should, Too!)

All About Ozone

Ozone has the unique flexibility to act as a solution for many of our everyday problems. At the right concentrations, ozone is a safe and effective tool to oxidize water and odor. The team at A2Z Ozone believes that everyone should be able to benefit from the use of ozone in the comfort of their own homes. Since 2002, we have designed and manufactured products that can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, basement and beyond!

Our in-home generators are designed to produce just the right amount of ozone to effectively sanitize your water and air, but not strong enough to exceed recommended EPA levels. Industry standard and research suggests that 5,000 mg and higher is an effective amount of ozone for shock treatment. shock treatment can include anything from mold and mildew removal, to pet odor, to smoke damage.

The current EPA standard for in-air ozone is .05 ppm. Ozone also has a 30-minute half-life in the air, meaning that its concentration will break down quickly. Air ozone generators should only be used in unoccupied spaces.

Ozone is 3,000 times more effective than bleach. One of the most miraculous things about ozone is that after it destroys germs and bacteria it reverts back to oxygen, meaning no hazardous or chemical byproducts.

Some everyday uses include:

  • Cleaning
  • Odor Removal
  • Food Sterilization
  • Water Treatment

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When operating an ozone generator, please remember to remove people, pets, and plants from the area. Be sure to leave the area being treated immediately and only return once the ozone has dissipated. Under most conditions, the treated area should be safe to return to 30 minutes to 1 hour after the unit stops producing ozone. Treated spaces or buildings should be well-ventilated prior to re-entry.

In case of accidental leakage of ozone, keep the ozone generator in a 
well- ventilated area. 
Ozone generators emit ozone. Do not inhale ozone. 
Ozone generators generate high voltage. 
Our ozone generators are designed and distributed by A2Z Ozone, Inc. in Louisville, Kentucky USA. EPA Est.: 95432-KY-1. Produced and made in China.

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