What is a Home Ozonator?

A home ozonator is a device that utilizes cold corona discharge or UV technology to produce ozone gas. The ozone gas can then be used to disinfect air and water.

What sets home ozonators apart?

Our in-home generators are designed to produce just the right amount of ozone to effectively sanitize air and water, but not strong enough to exceed EPA recommend levels. After a 30-minute half-life, oxygen is the only byproduct of ozone.

Generators intended for home use generally have a lower ozone output. Many of these generators have the capability to oxidize both air and water. They are also equipped with a robust functional timer adaptable for many uses around the house.

What are some examples of home ozone uses?

  • Cleaning
  • Oral Hygiene
  • Odor Removal
  • Food Sterilization (extends shelf life of produce)
  • Water Treatment

We stand by our goal of developing an in-home generator that can be used in every room the home. Use nature’s sanitizer today!

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