What are 100 Million Americans Doing Wrong Daily?

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We want to extend a warm welcome and sincere thank you to our guest post writer, James! A fellow coffee enthusiast!

Are you considering purchasing an ozone generator, but you're not really sure if you're going to use it often. Well I was in the same situation, wondering if an ozone generator was really worth buying. And now, I use my ozone generator daily, multiple times a day, and not using it isn't even an option. The bottom line on switching into an ozone life, is determining whether or not you want pure water. Ozone generators are so effective at purifying water, they are used to sanitize sewer systems, and sterilize impure water all around the world. The power of ozone is incredible, affordable and effective.

When you have a lightning storm in your area, many people will often notice that afterwards the air smells crisp and clean. And this phenomenon is in fact, ozone. What you are smelling is in fact ozone in the air, and everyone loves that clean “after a lightning storm” smell! Surprisingly though, people don't often think about utilizing the power of ozone and incorporating it into their lives. Ozone generators can clean and sterilize your air and even get rid of smells in homes and vehicles. They can have many uses in our lives, including in homes and cars, and in any area where you may want to sterilize the air to make it smell a bit better. I could go on all day about a million uses for ozone, but for today I want to focus on one use. Purifying water.

On my website absolutezero.org I share many single uses for an ozone generator, such as the A to Z Aqua 6 Ozone Generator which is my favorite. I use this unit daily to ozonize water for drinking and many other uses. And today, I am fortunate to be able to share another “single use” idea with AtoZ’s audience! Now, what do 54% of Americans over the age of 18 do daily that can really benefit from ozonized water? Let’s find out!

100 Million Americans Deserve a Better Cup

What myself and 100 million other Americans do every morning is drink coffee! Now, I do not consider myself a “coffee snob” as most coffee drinkers jokingly refer to themselves. Light and sweet, regular and even sometimes black, it’s all good to me! Many coffee drinkers know that they love a particular style of coffee, a specific brand and they are very, very particular when it comes to preparing their morning cup of joe. I can understand that, as you want that same taste every morning. And if you’re a coffee drinker, you just want to have a really great cup of coffee in the morning! So, this is why it often surprises me when people fill their coffee machines with water straight from the tap! This is the area where I become a bit of a “water snob” and untreated tap water just “won’t do.”

In my area, our tap water can sometimes taste a bit metallic, or a bit like chlorine. It does not come out crazy colors, or have any visible problems with it, but it just does not taste clean and fresh. Do you drink water straight from your faucet? Most likely you don’t. If all tap water tasted great, water filtration systems would not be so popular. And many people would not be looking for a solution to improve the quality of their water, as you may be doing so today. Now, I will not go into conspiracy theories in regards to fluoride in the water and all of that stuff, but the bottom line is that my tap water does not taste good. This is why I have made a personal vow to be sure that I am drinking the absolute cleanest and freshest water possible. I want my water to not have any lingering metallic taste, or “taste like the pipes” as I've heard some people say. So, how do I get rid of that metallic or chlorine taste? I utilize my A2Z Aqua 6 Ozone Generator.

Isn't it surprising to you that no one wants to drink water straight from there tap, but they will put straight tap water into their coffee? This is a strange thing I've noticed, and I understand the reasoning. Most people are okay with this, because their coffee is masking the unsatisfactory flavors of their tap water. My own wife used to do the same thing until we had an interesting discussion recently in regards to our morning coffee. Here’s how this discussion came about.

Less Bitter and A Bit Fresher

My wife and I will take turns making the coffee in the morning, sometimes the dogs will wake her up before me and she will set it up. The funny thing was when one day I had made the coffee, she said to me “Why does the coffee always taste so much better when you make it?” And when she said that, it made me laugh. When I asked her why she thinks it taste better, she couldn't really describe it, but she said the coffee just tasted less bitter and a bit fresher. And I agree. The reason my coffee tastes better is because I use ozonized water for my coffee! When your water is ozonized, it tastes significantly better than untreated tap water. So it is only natural that coffee made with ozonized water would taste better too!

Simple Steps To Make The Purest Cup Of Joe

The process I use is very simple! My coffee pot is glass, so I can fill my coffee pot straight from the tap. I then utilize “Program 5” on my A to Z Aqua 6 Ozone Generator and I ozonize my water for 20 minutes. Once complete, I allow the water a few minutes for excess ozone to degrade back to oxygen. Then I proceed as normal. Filling my coffee machine with the ozonized water, put in the coffee grinds, press the brew button and wait a few minutes for my great tasting cup of coffee! If you have anything but glass for your coffee pot, I recommend you ozonizing your water in a glass pitcher.

Now, I definitely feel that my coffee tastes better when prepared with ozonized water and I am sure if you do a test for yourself, you will agree. And this is interesting, because when you think about all of the ways you utilize water in drinks, couldn't all these areas benefit from using better quality water? For example, when you make any sort of mixed drink, including iced teas, smoothies, even mixing juices for your children requires you to use water and some sort of additive. Why not use the absolute cleanest water possible? Why not use ozone water? There really aren’t very many people who consider the quality of their water they are using to prepare food and drinks. And that is surprising to me as I ozonize water for just about everything I do! What do you use your ozone generator for? Let us know!

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you did please leave us some feedback. And if you enjoyed this post, take a few minutes to visit my website absolutezero.org where I showcase the A2Z Aqua 6 and show many examples of how to use this absolutely wonderful ozone generator in your home. When it comes to good clean water, think A2Z Ozone Generators!

About The Author

James is an ozone loving family man from Long Island, New York who is also a brand ambassador for the A2Z product family. The A2Z Aqua 6 has inspired James to develop an entire website to discuss the health benefits of ozone water and other alternative health products. Visit Absolute Zero’s Facebook page and James’ website at absolutezero.org.


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