We Are Back from Hawaii July 22 2015, 0 Comments

Hawaiian Leaves

Ready to get back down to business!

The Lodging, Hospitality & Foodservice Expo we attended on July 13 and 14 was a success. We sold our ozone generators and made lots of new friends along the way. Hawaiians from cooks to housekeepers, to hotel and apartment managers visited. An estimated 400+ visitors came by in just two days. Visitors collected in excess of 370 bags of introductory materials from A2Z Ozone, Inc. We sold Aqua-6 Multi Purpose Ozone Generators, A7K Air Ozone Generators, and ozone generators from our Multi Purpose series. We’ve enjoyed a boost in sales and are filling numerous orders. Our top goals at the expo were to get to know people in Hawaii and to get our good name out there. Meeting many other vendors from all around the world was a bonus. Now, back to work!

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