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Now that summer is here, we can’t use the excuse that it’s too cold to clean our cars out! Nope, it’s time to vacuum up the dust and dirt and it is time to throw out the 6 months of drive-thru receipts that have been collecting in the side compartment of your driver-side door. There is nothing more satisfying than a clean car! However, have you ever noticed there is a small hint of an odor in your car that just won’t seem to go away? Like, it’s been around for a while but you just spray some air-freshener and go on about your day…but then you notice it again a few days later. Man, that’s so annoying.

What if I told you that A2Z Ozone has a unit that could help with that problem?! Would you be excited? We get excited about helping our customers and we have a great unit that can help get rid of those pesky odors that get stuck in your car! Not just in your car but in other places as well!

The A7K Air Ozone Generator is one of our hottest selling items! It is a powerful unit that shock treats the area with Ozone which can kill odors, germs and bacteria. I asked our technician Drew about how long someone should run it in their vehicle. Here is what he had to say:

So, how long should someone run this unit in their vehicle?

Drew: My personal opinion would be to run it for a half hour in the passenger floor board so that it will circulate throughout the car naturally without having to disperse it with fans yourself.

How long should you keep the car concealed and running after treatment?

Drew: After the half hour has passed for treatment, I would recommend leaving the car shut but turned off so that it cleanses the seats and ceiling properly. After an hour, I would then crack the windows or open the doors to vent any excess ozone. Then after about another half hour/hour you should be good to drive.

Any other tips?

Drew: I would recommend changing all of the air filters in the vehicle. They hold onto smells. So, change those out.

Awesome! Thanks Drew!

I decided to do a little research to see how much a treatment like this would cost if a car was taken to a dealership or somewhere for detailing. After calling around to a couple places in the surrounding areas, I learned that it can cost anywhere from $80-$100 dollars for odor removal treatments. Those treatments are strictly just for odor! Our A7K not only removes bad odors but also kills any unwanted bacteria in the vehicle as well! Plus, you still have our awesome unit to use anywhere else you need! The great thing about this unit is that it can be used in almost any space like your home, office, garage and basement!

Follow this guide for detailed instructions on ozone generator use for car odor elimination. 

For more information on the A7K, click here.

For a cheaper option, check out the new Air-7000 and Air-3500.


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