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Ozone Technology in Food Processing

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ozone and food processing technology advantages over treatment methods

Ozone treatment assures the retention of sensory, nutritional and physicochemical characteristic of food. Learn about its advantages over other treatment methods. 

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How to Keep Produce Fresh in Groceries

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keeping produce fruits and vegetables fresh in grocery stores a2z ozone generators

Packing and shipping companies use many unique methods to keep produce fresh before it reaches the grocery store. Ozone can be used in gaseous form or in ozonated water to treat produce in grocery stores.

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Do Ozone Machines Really Work?

Air Applications All About Ozone Commercial Series Industrial Series Ozone Myths Water Applications

ozone machine research a2z generator

Ozone has a diverse range of uses, however the benefits of this natural marvel are not widely known. An abundance of misinformation about ozone has also contributed to its sometimes negative reputation. Check out this post to learn how the ozone machine works.

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32 Ways to Use Ozonated Water Daily

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ways to use ozonated water daily a2z generators

At the right levels, ozone is a very safe and effective disinfectant. Check out this list for ways ozone can be used for water applications.

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5 Perks of Commercial Grade Ozone Generators

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perks of commercial ozone generators a2z

Ozone is used as a primary or secondary disinfectant in many water treatment plants. It is 3,000 times more powerful than bleach. Learn how the unique characteristics of commercial ozone can benefit you.

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