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We had a Wonderful time in Dubai October 03 2016, 0 Comments

We're back from Dubai!

We got to meet people from all over. A2Z Ozone was well accepted and we met a large variety of people from different cultures. The vendors, about 500, were from all over the world with an interesting showing of products, mostly supplies for pools and spas. A2Z Ozone was able to provide visitors with products that provide potable water, as well as air ozone generators and swimming pool generators. One customer was so impressed with the ability for ozone to clean drinking water: "..that's amazing! You mean it would clean the water so we could drink it?" We also shared our A7K Air Ozone Generator with visitors.


And don't forget the scenery — the city is absolutely beautiful with attractions for every type of visitor. The city is particularly vibrant at night; we saw beautiful buildings lit up in fantastic colors, and wonderful fountains with incredible displays. Yes, The Leisure Show at Dubai World Trade Centre was a great experience for A2Z Ozone — especially because we met present and future customers face-to-face — a rare treat for a successful eCommerce business. Now, it's time to get back to work in Louisville, Kentucky!


Ozone Does What?! August 01 2016, 0 Comments


Written By: Hannah Black

 Happy Friday Everyone!

During our last blog, we touched a little bit on what exactly Ozone was and what benefits it can give you! This week, we wanted to elaborate a little more on what others are using Ozone for and how it can be beneficial for health and other purposes!


Fruits and Vegetables!

When I first started working at A2Z Ozone, I decided to research what others used their Ozone Generators for. I found that many people used it for cleaning/washing their fruits, vegetables, and meat! According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Ozone can help with the shelf life of fruits when they are treated with Ozonated water. Here is what they found:

Treatment with ozonated water can extend the shelf life of apples, grapes, oranges, pears, raspberries, and strawberries by reducing microbial populations and by oxidation of ethylene to retard ripening (Beuchat 1998) (FDA, December 2014).


If you need to see it to believe it, here is what TheOzoneMan showed from washing his fruits and vegetables with Ozonated Water!

(TheOzoneMan, n.d.).

 8 days of freshness

Dental Hygiene!

Another great way Ozone can be used is for dental hygiene! According to Chris Kammer, DDS, dentists are turning to Ozone to help with the following:

Estimates are that many hundreds of dentists in the U.S. are now treating patients with ozone, utilizing it in a wide variety of areas including periodontal therapy, decay therapy with remineralization of early lesions, root canal treatment, tooth sensitivity, canker sores, cold sores, bone infections, and more. (Chris Kammer, DDS, n.d).


Many of our customers who are seeking to use Ozone for their dental hygiene needs are turning to our Aqua 6 Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator. This unit is capable of ozonating water for purposes like:

Aqua 6 Multipurpose Ozone Generator








  • Rinsing
  • Brushing
  • Gargling
  • Cleaning/Sterilizing toothbrushes




(Aqua 6 Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator)

Odor Removal

One of the most popular uses of Ozone is for the removal of bad odors. Ozone is considered an oxidizer. It attaches an oxygen atom to neutralize those pesky odors that linger. To help with the removal of odors, we have a unit called the A7K Air Ozone Generator that can do the job! The best thing about this unit is that it is portable and can be used in a variety of settings such as:

  • Hotels  
  • Home                                                             
  • Basement
  • Kitchen                                      (A7K Air Ozone Generator)
  • Doctor/Dental Offices
  • Vehicles                 
  • Offices

 Ozone can remove a variety of smells such as mold/mildew, smoke, pet odors, kitchen smells, chemical smells, and so much more! Many of our customers could tell a difference after just one use from this unit!


While we have only scratched the surface of the benefits of Ozone, we encourage you to continue to research more and see how others are using it! If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email! I would love to connect with you and answer any and all questions or hear your thoughts!  - That’s me! (Hannah)


Make sure you check back next week! Two of our co-workers are checking out Sensory Deprivation Chambers and are going to let you know how the experience went! We can’t wait to share it with you guys!

Have a Great Weekend!  





U.S Food and Drug Administration: Chapter V. Methods to Reduce/Eliminate Pathogens from Produce and Fresh-Cut Produce; December 16th, 2014

The Ozone Man: Ozone vs. Chlorine: Disinfection Effectiveness (n.d.) (Image)

Dental Economics: Dental ozone: The revolution is happening here! Chris Kammer, DDS (n.d.)

A2Z Ozone Inc. – Aqua 6 Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator & A7K Air Ozone Generator

We're Going to Hawaii! July 01 2016, 0 Comments

Waikiki Beach


Join us in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii July 8 and July 9, 2015 for the Lodging, Hospitality & Foodservice Expo. That’s next week! We can’t wait to see you there.

Why Hawaii?

It only makes sense for the Lodging, Hospitality & Foodservice Expo to be held in Honolulu. It highlights Hawaii’s most important economic sector. The hospitality market in Hawaii is huge—there are 70,000 hotel rooms alone, not to mention the many rentals and timeshares.

We want you there!

Come enjoy the fine scenery and learn about the industries covered. You didn’t know that ozone generators were of value to the Lodging, Hospitality & Foodservice industries? Our hotel customers use multi purpose units to clean rooms of musty smells. Restaurants make use of the units for sanitizing cooking areas and preparing vegetables. Even our SP Swimming Pool Series benefits our customers who have pools. We also expect to instruct representatives from country clubs, hospitals, and retirement homes on how they may improve their businesses. All can benefit from our products.

Lodging, Hospitality & Foodservice Expo Details:

The Expo will be held at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center located between Waikiki Beach and Honolulu’s business district. Hours are Wednesday, July 8 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and Thursday, July 9 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. There is plenty of parking. Admission to the Expo is free! Visit our booth and see how we can help you with your needs.

Get further details at the Douglas Trade Shows website:

What Is It?! June 08 2016, 0 Comments

I have to be honest, when I was first hired at A2Z Ozone, I had absolutely no idea what an ozone generator was. Like many, I thought that it had something to do with the Ozone Layer around the Earth! So, I decided to do some research. I wanted to be prepared for my first day at my new internship but I also wanted to know more about the products I would be working with! I learned very quickly that Ozone Generators can be used in so many different areas and everyone can benefit from them!

So, what exactly is an ozone generator? Basically, an ozone generator is a machine that produces Ozone gas. That gas can be used to disinfect the air and purify water. If you guys remember from our first blog, Ozone is another form of Oxygen (O3) where three atoms merge to form the oxygen molecule as opposed to two, found in regular Oxygen (O2). The generator itself is what we use to control how little or how much ozone we want to release. If you are using a unit like our Aqua 6 Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator, you will not have a whole lot of Ozone output. Why? This unit is mainly used for basic needs around the home. It can be used for ozonating up to a gallon of water, washing fruits and veggies, and for dental hygiene purposes. These uses do not require a lot of ozone, and that is why many people choose to use this smaller unit in particular.

  Aqua 6 Multipurpose Ozone Generator  

                                          Aqua 6 – 600mg/hr output                                                                                                                                                  A7K Air ozone generator                 A7K – 7000mg or 3500mg/hr output                                                                                                               



However, if you are trying to Ozonate or disinfect a room that has been affected by mold and mildew or a room that bad odors, you will need to use a larger unit like our A7K. This unit puts out much more Ozone as compared to the Aqua 6. Therefore, it makes it much more ideal for using in larger rooms and homes.

Do you still have questions about what an Ozone Generator is? If so, leave us a comment on the blog! Or call us at 502-499-4977, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. We want to get you on your way to ozonating!

Say Farewell to Bedbugs with Ozone! October 13 2015, 0 Comments

Hotel owners, we have a solution to the problem that terrifies you. We can help you control bedbugs in an industry that has been under siege for more than a decade. Or, maybe you’re in denial. Maybe you say that you have the cleanest facilities in your area and you simply aren’t at risk. It’s very important to stay clean. Even so, you can still have problems with bedbugs. Bedbugs are not attracted to people because of their odor. All they are interested in is body heat that leads them to the human blood they crave. See, they travel with us, wherever we go, and we are traveling a lot these days.


Photo credit: bedzine / Foter / CC BY-SA



As Ben Franklin said, prevention is worth a pound of cure. So, we recommend hotel owners to use our Bed Sterilizer to keep the bugs at bay. Since bedbugs can come back in as little as three months, getting on a regular routine with our Bed Sterilizer will help. Our most successful hotel owners keep the Bed Sterilizer in use on a regular basis, making a full round of all their rooms every three to six months.

A bedbug can live for 10 months to a year and they breed all year long. They lay at least 200 eggs at a time. You need to have an action plan. Wash your bedding in hot water and dry in hot dryer, as the bedbugs will die at 140 degrees. Vacuum regularly to rid the carpets and furniture of bedbugs. And, finally, use our Bed Sterilizer in a preventative manner! It offers you the chemical free way of attacking the problem. And, as an added bonus, your mattresses will be rid of bacteria and lice. They will be rid of odors and germs. Your guests’ allergy symptoms will be relieved.

Hotel guests really appreciate a fresh-smelling bed after a long day away from home. Other types of businesses that benefit from the Bed Sterilizer are hospitals and nursing homes.

Easy to use!

The Bed Sterilizer comes with everything you need to sanitize your bedding--three sets of bags and hoses. Your new Bed Sterilizer is similar to an upright vacuum cleaner in size and shape. Using A2Z Ozone’s Bed Sterilizer is easy. Just put the mattress in the airtight bag and connect the hoses to the bag. The Bed Sterilizer has an easy to use touch control panel, allowing you to select the appropriate setting for your size bed.

Reasonably priced!

The Bed Sterilizer is easily the most economical way to combat bedbugs. No need to get a pest control service involved.

What are you waiting for? Visit A2Z Ozone’s Bed Sterilizer page for more information and purchase one today! We are also at the Lodging, Hospitality & Foodservice Expo in Hawaii this week. Let us tell you more about our Bed Sterilizer and other products that can assist in your daily needs.

The unit carries a one-year warranty on parts and labor. Units returned within 30 days require a 20% restocking fee and shipping is also paid for by the customer. On warranty work, shipping to A2Z Ozone is paid for by the customer, but shipping back to you if in the United States is paid for by A2Z Ozone.


County of Monmouth, New Jersey Bedbug Information & Fact Sheet. Compiled by the Monmouth County Health Department.

Reasons to purchase an Aqua 6 multipurpose Ozone Generator March 11 2015, 0 Comments

Aqua-6 Multi Purpose Ozone Generator

With uncomplicated set-up and ease of use, there’s no simpler way for you to break into using ozone than purchasing an Aqua 6. It reaches every level of your home, as your new ozone generator is lightweight and portable. Or, you can keep your kitchen tidy and mount your Aqua 6 to the wall. Versatile in every way, multiple settings for our timer allow you to tackle any type of job you throw at the Aqua 6. It comes ready to use, and there is no need to purchase additional accessories. The Aqua 6 withstands the test of time, as it has been our best seller for over 10 years. And the Aqua 6 is strong and reliable if used as intended.

A quick run-down of the features of the Aqua 6 Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator:

  • Multi-function ozone generator that treats air and water
  • Unit is lightweight and portable
  • Wall mountable
  • Best seller for over 10 years
  • Function timer with 15 settings for different applications
  • Ships with 2 36” polyurethane tubes, one fine white diffuser stone, and one course grey diffuser stone
  • Ships with spare fuse
  • Economically priced
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • One year full parts and service warranty

 Try your new ozone generator with peace of mind. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee and cover a full year parts and service warranty. You only pay for shipping to us; we ship back to you free of charge. From beauty benefits, to cleaning, to water purification, our low-priced solution has you covered, A to Z!