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We are back from the Gaslight Festival! September 20 2016, 0 Comments

We gave away our Aqua-6! Congratulations Rhonda! Your Aqua-6 is on its way!

Please read further to learn about our adventures at the Gaslight Festival.

A2Z Ozone Inc. at the Gaslight Festival

We are happy to be back to work this morning after a great time at the Gaslight Festival this past weekend. We met lots of good fellow vendors, customers, and passersby. We taste tested many great foods. It was a good time. We want to extend a big thank you to all who stopped to learn about ozone and sign up for our drawing for a free Aqua-6 Multi Purpose Ozone Generator!

Friday night, Sonya and Kevin met with customers who enjoyed our tablet / phone holders we gave out. Some signed up for the Aqua-6 giveaway. Some passersby simply said, “hello!”

Gaslight Slushie

Sonya enjoyed a Bone Slushie and some spiral potatoes. Kevin also ate some spiral potatoes, which he loved.

Kevin and Sonya at the Gaslight Festival

The next morning, Jenny and I arrived and barely got started when a storm blew in. There was no lightning, but plenty of rain and wind. There was a continuous cold breeze as well. But, after one and a half to two hours, it cleared and we met with the festival visitors. Jenny enjoyed telling the visitors about our product and our company.
For second shift, Drew came by. He encouraged Jenny to go try a funnel cake. She liked it, and brought some of it home for her brother. Drew went for a brief walk and purchased a funnel cake for himself. He could not eat it all, so I ate the half he could not finish. It was delicious! Then, Drew went out and bought a Pork Butt on a Stick from Smokin’ J’s, which he said was excellent. Our boss, Albert stopped by and said he would have to try some food at the festival and would be back at 7 pm to relieve Drew! I headed out about 5:30 pm after being there since opening.
All in all, it was a nice time. While we did not have any merchandise for sale at the festival, we truly enjoyed meeting people, people in our own community, who may become customers of ours in the future. We were there mainly to get our name out to the local community. We’ve been working in this community now since 2004, and many people commented on how they never knew about us before. We were thrilled to meet them, and we also loved getting the word out about ozone. We hope to get the people who signed up for our newsletter valuable information about ozone. There are so many uses; not enough time to really get into the benefits of ozone at the Gaslight Festival.






Gaslight Festival September 12 2016, 0 Comments

Come Visit Us!

Gaslight Festival

(Gaslight Festival – Image Courtesy of Jeffersontown Chamber of Commerce)

We are super excited to announce that we will be attending the 2106 Gaslight Festival in Jeffersontown, Kentucky! Earlier this year, we became members of the Jeffersontown Chamber of Commerce and since that time, we have been able to meet and connect with other great businesses in the Jeffersontown and Louisville area!

So, what is the Gaslight Festival?

Jeffersontown Gaslight Festival 2016 This year is the 47th year of the festival. It started out as a street party in 1969 and has since grown into 5th largest festival in this region! The festival is hosted by the Chamber of Jeffersontown and bring in about 200,000 visitors each year! The festival itself actually takes place over the course of 8 days and is packed with all kinds of great activities. Some of those activities being a 5K, Parade, Balloon Glow, live entertainment and craft and commercial booths!

We will have a booth set up at the festival! We will be demonstrating what the one of our hottest selling units can do and also have some free goodies to give away as well!

We will be at the Festival from September 16th – September 18th! We hope that you will stop by and see what Ozone can do for you and look around at all the other fun things the festival will have! If you want to learn more or need directions, check out the Jeffersontown Chamber of Commerce website at the link below!

We hope to see you there!