So, have you been hearing about how nice ozone-generated water makes your skin and hair feel in the swimming pool? Do you want to try it yourself? Are you a do-it-yourself kind of person who just needs a little guidance but is capable of setting up your own pool system? Maybe A2Z Ozone can help point you in the right direction.

We have a whole series of pool ozone generators developed for different pool sizes in mind. You may have seen a pool size chart elsewhere or on our website. Here is what I am talking about:

Swimming Pool Based on 24-hour Ozone Generator Run-Time

Pool Size in Gallons and Liters

Ozone Output Generator Required

25,000 G / 95,000L

3,000 mg/h (3 g/h)

SP 3 Ozone Generator

50,000 G / 190,000L

5,000 mg/h (5 g/h)

SP 5 Ozone Generator

100,000 G / 380,000L

8,000 mg/h (8 g/h)

SP 8 Ozone Generator

200,000 G / 760,000L

16,000 mg/h (16 g/h)

SP 16 Ozone Generator


When you first look at this table, it does not tell how large the swimming pool is by looking at the gallons and the liters of water. But when you add some basic conversions for your measurements, it starts to make sense.

1 Meter = 3.28 Feet

Meters (L) x Meters (W) x Meters (D) = cubic meters x 1000 = total Liters

1 Cubic Meter/3.785 = 1 gallon

You can use these conversions to measure your own pool dimensions and pick which of our ozone generators will work for you.

So you can get an idea by looking at these dimensions what size pool our generators can handle. We can accommodate many pool sizes and shapes.

One thing to consider when choosing a generator is that if you will have a pool heater or if you have a rock pool, you will require 10-15% more ozone. The ozone generally is more concentrated in cooler water.

Happy swimming!