Sonya's Visit at Better Being Float Center! July 21 2016, 0 Comments

                                         My better being float visit

Sonya float tank

I truly loved this place right from the moment I walked thru the door. A positive vibe hit me with a greeted smile and helpful directions for it being my first visit of the unknown.

Any questions I had I got a clear response. So what exactly is a float tank? It has many names but mainly called this. It is a 9 Long And 6 wide pod that is made for you not to have any sensory ( so sound proof, no source of lights unless you choose) and has salt water (900 lbs. of Epsom salt) wow, you are literally like a cork in the water, so buoyant if you are still you can eliminate sense of touch.

A lot of our customers have recommended me to try it so I thought this experience I could share with you. For me it has helped reduce stress and my horrible body aches and nerves. The feeling of being weightless kind of like you’re in a different plane away from the daily busy schedules and distractions of life is the most amazing feeling. It’s like a shut off switch for your brain to relive you from stress and just revamp yourself like rechargeable batteries. I recommend everyone to try this at least 3 times before you judge as for some it’s harder to “let go” of all your distractions as this experience excites you ad takes time to adjust to a new experience. It took me about 15-20 minutes to “let go” and silence my thoughts going thru my head.

As I lay in the tank after doing procedures as directed, my body immediately feels relived from muscle tension of my back and knees. Thoughts run thru my head like I’m a bobber, if I try to put any part of my limbs under water it automatically pops up like a life vest under water. Im safe and I cannot drown. I can see how people perceive being in a dark tank can be scary especially in the dark fears can run thru your mind especially in a new places you have never been. I have had a small fear since I was little called claustrophobia it wasn’t as scary as I would think being in a dark pod with no light helps you forgot that you are in a small space. You can easily lift the hatch with a simple touch. They also have different color light and even a disco ball light that you can turn on inside the pod if things get to scary for you. I recommend being in complete darkness, it relaxes your mind while laying perfectly still only feeling your heart beat as you inhale and exhale long deep breaths.

This is the most tranquil I have felt in years. Everyone has different experiences each time they visit at this facility they keep a float journal you can write in to share your experiences. Some say this heals the mind and soul and other say it heals the body. In my opinion it does both. Every single person can benefit from this. Athletes can use this as a recovery tool in between workouts and improving your circulation and flexibility. Any one that practices yoga and meditation like myself this is a true way to find yourself and induce yourself in a theta wave state (which is a state of mind where it is believed you can create everything and change reality itself with years of practice.) It also helps with the business side of things. Work can be stressful and sometimes you just need to clear your mind to have better focus on targeting new ideas and releasing the stress of deadlines and demands.

I know what you’re thinking how this can be sanitary. There have been multiple people in this tank you are floating in. Salt water makes it hard for germs to live in. The tanks are cleaned before and after floats with hydrogen peroxide, uv, OZONE and state of the art filtration systems, You are to take a shower before floats to rise off the extra oils and lotions and salt after float. Ozone is widely recognized as a stronger sanitizer and is used in most float tanks. They use a ozonator that injects ozone gas into the filtration system as water circulates thru it when running the pump. Ozone could be used as the primary sanitizer if used in a single bather environment. Most health departments require three sets of filtration systems when used with a multi-person environment. You can only use ozone with chlorine and bromine and H2O2 for a secondary sanitation for these tanks. I’m truly grateful for my experience and I recommend everyone at least once a month to defrag their brains. I will definitely be back to float. This place is awesome! Visit their website and see for yourself. They will answer any question you have.


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