Perks of Hot Tub Ozonators

Hot tub ozonators are an easy and effective way to keep water clean. That's why many hot tubs come equipped with an ozonator or have a port for one to be easily installed. 


How Does Ozone Work?

With oxidizing power 3,000 times more effective than bleach, ozone is the second most powerful oxidant in existence. Ozone is composed of three oxygen atoms, making it a more reactive form of oxygen. When ozone gas is introduced to an environment with bacteria, mold or other organic material, one oxygen atom is detonated to oxidize the material.
Once the third oxygen atom is used to oxidize an organic or inorganic contaminant, there is only pure oxygen left behind. This is one reason why ozone is preferred as an oxidant to various chemicals, because it does not leave any type of residual chemical.

How A2Z Spa Ozone Generators Work

A2Z Ozone Generators produce ozone gas which is introduced to spa water through suction created by a spa injector. Tubing is used to connect the ozone generator to an injector or a vacuum port provided by the spa manufacturer.
The injector or vacuum ports are sources used to pull the ozone gas out of the ozone generator and into the spa water. If you do not have the vacuum port, then the hot tub ozonator will need the correct size venturi injector to plumb into the hot tub.
Both A2Z Ozone spa ozonators, the Aquatic and Aquatic 2, are equipped with a universal plug type enabling it to be wired for both 110V and 220V. Once installed, the spa ozonator is maintenance free and operates with the pump of your spa.


Aquatic Spa Ozone Generator Installation Chart

Corona Discharge Technology

All A2Z Ozone generators use cold corona discharge technology to produce ozone. This is a preferred method to ultraviolet ozone generators because it is more powerful. UV ozone generators also use more electricity to produce smaller amounts of ozone. Corona discharge recreates the reaction that occurs during a lightning storm and is the most effective way to produce ozone.

Operation Chart

Once installed, the Aquatic Spa Ozone Generator will operate in unison with the hot tub pump. To ensure the highest degree of sanitation at all times, refer to the chart below:

Aquatic Spa Ozone Generator Operation Chart


Ozone Solubility in Water

Keep in mind, ozone has a shorter half-life in warmer water. 

Ozone Solubility Chart


For hot tubs up to 1,500 gallons or 5,678 liters, use the Aquatic Spa Ozone Generator

For hot tubs up to 132 gallons or 500 liters, consider the Aquatic 2 Spa Ozone Generator.

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