Ozone Disinfection: How Are Apples Washed?

All About Ozone Commercial Series Industrial Series Water Applications

Industrial ozone generators are used in many of the industries around us everyday. In food processing industrial ozone generators can reduce water and chemical usage.

Apples are usually transported from storage bins in a water flume. This technique helps prevent bruising and also washes the apples in the process. For example, a 2,000 gallon flume can transport approximately 40,000 apples per hour. Flumes typically use chlorinated water to control microorganisms. With this method, water was dumped daily to discard soil and other organic material.

Reduced Water Usage

One plant decided to lessen chlorine usage and move to extend the use of water by installing an ozone generator system. This plant can save water by not replacing the flume daily. In this case, water is reused for an entire week.

Yeast and mold counts were reduced in this case. After installing ozone system, fewer complaints of moldy apples were received.

Apples in Bowl

The same company also installed another ozone system to spray apples with ozonated water that would be processed for apple juice. Additionally, they installed a Clean-in-Place (CIP) sanitation for use on apple juice storage tanks.

Other examples of ozone installation include strawberry and cherry processors. After processing, ozone can also be used in a gaseous state in storage applications.

Less Chemical Usage

The adoption of ozone allowed the apple processing plant to completely eliminate the need for chlorine. Chlorine is widely used in many processing applications, but it brings many disadvantages. These include:

  • Corrosion of processing equipment
  • Can alter taste of product
  • Can discolor clothes, packing materials, etc. 


After implementing an ozone treatment system, apples that left the processing plant were cleaner and had a longer shelf life. A2Z Ozone's industrial ozone generators are designed to operate continuously for heavy duty applications. Once the unit is installed, the ozone generator is maintenance free and carries a 1-year factory warranty on parts and labor.

Learn more about A2Z Ozone's industrial ozone generators here: https://www.a2zozone.com/collections/industrial.

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In case of accidental leakage of ozone, keep the ozone generator in a 
well- ventilated area. 
Ozone generators emit ozone. Do not inhale ozone. 
Ozone generators generate high voltage. 
Our ozone generators are designed and distributed by A2Z Ozone, Inc. in Louisville, Kentucky USA. EPA Est.: 95432-KY-1. Produced and made in China.

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