What is Ozone Compatible With?

Ozone is known for being an oxidizing force. We kill pathogens, get rid of foul odors, and clean our water with the powerful effects of ozone. But, did you ever think about what ozone is doing to the materials it comes in contact with? Oftentimes, it is oxidizing your piping right along with the pathogens and chemicals. These concerns are present in nearly every application for which we use ozone. For instance, cleaning well water with ozone requires that water reservoirs, venturi injectors, any type of filtering systems, tubes and pipes located past the point where the ozone is injected need to be of the highest ozone-resistant material possible. When you first contemplate this fact, choosing these materials may seem like a daunting task. However, most of these materials are easily obtainable. And, when considering the results of using poor material choices, it is well worth the investment to think ahead.

Ozone Resistance Levels


The above chart can help you can help you make your decisions about which materials to use.

A quick search on the internet will help you locate the materials you need for your setup. For instance, I plugged into Bing.com the search term, stainless steel 316 containers, and I found some reasonable options, from kitchen supplies to drums, and even piping. Please take heart and do your research. You will find what you need with a little determination and patience.

Ozonated water in a swimming pool is absolutely lovely. So, taking the care to use the right piping, our venturi injector made of PVDF, all while setting your system up right will help to keep your pool maintenance-free for a long time to come.

Pool Setup for Ozone Swimming Pool Generator



Likewise, your setup for well water is highly important. By looking at this diagram, you can see which materials will need to be ozone resistant. Everything beyond the MP-3000 Multi Purpose Ozone Generator should have a high resistance for the longevity of the system. Or else, you will need to replace parts often. Replacing parts can be expensive and much more bothersome. Why not do it right the first time?

Well Water Treatment



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