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Hello All!

Welcome to the blog of A2Z Ozone Inc! I know that here lately, we have neglected to keep it updated but we are working to change that!  We want to bring you fun, interesting and informative content with a small bit of personality to keep things fun! However, before we go any further, I feel like I personally need to introduce myself so you guys know who you are hearing from!
            My name is Hannah Black and I am a marketing intern at A2Z Ozone Inc. Myself and another intern are in charge of handling the marketing accounts and the basic PR of this company. I am pursuing a degree in Integrated Studies with a focus in Communications. I am very interested in the PR profession as well and I hope to pursue a career in that area someday! Right now, I am enjoying my time at A2z Ozone Inc. and I am really learning from the hands-on experience that I am getting. I am super excited to share my knowledge of what Ozone can do and about what our units can do for you too!
            So, how about we start with something easy? I’m sure there have been many people who ask this question when they look at our products.


What is Ozone?!

On our website (, this is what we say about Ozone:

Ozone is another form of Oxygen (O3) where three atoms merge to form the oxygen molecule as opposed to two, found in regular Oxygen (O2). (A2Z Ozone Inc, 2016)

Want a picture of what it looks like? Here ya go!

Ozone Chemistry

How is Ozone Beneficial?


While we cannot give out medical advice at A2Z Ozone, we can share the experience of other’s and information we have found online! There have been many of our customers who use our Aqua 6 Multi-Purpose Ozone Aqua-6 Multi Purpose Ozone GeneratorGenerator to ozonate their drinking water! Many have claimed that it gives them more energy! There have also been people who use it for dental hygiene purposes as well. The ozonated water that comes from using the Aqua 6 can also be used for washing fruits, vegetables, and meats. Ozone can also be a natural disinfectant and air cleanser as well!


While these are just so SOME of the ways Ozone can be used and beneficial, there is still so much more out there and I encourage each of you to check it out! Next week, I’ll be giving you a little information on how one of our customers uses our MP Series to help ozonate the water his Koi Fish live in! MP Series Multi Purpose Ozone Generators

Thanks for taking the time to check out our blog! Check back for updates from other cool kids here at A2Z Ozone Inc!






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