Myths About Ozone Generators June 20 2017, 0 Comments

What you first need to understand is that ozone is a chemical compound, O3, that has the power to oxidize just about everything, except large particles. Let’s take a look at what some of our customers believe about ozone generators.

Any air ozone generator will kill mold and mildew, and remove smoke damage out of a room or home.

This statement just isn’t true. The ozone generator must produce 7,000 mg per hour of ozone for it to work on these tough complaints. A lighter weight machine will freshen your air temporarily.

One treatment with an air ozone generator will keep mold and mildew away. Sometimes, more than one treatment is needed, depending on the infestation.

We recommend treating a room gradually, until you reach the needed amount of time. Below is a chart that can help you see what I mean.


It is safe to be in the room with a 3,000-mg ozone generator.

I warn users to place a machine this strong out of the living areas, away from pets, plants, and people. Exposure to too much ozone can cause permanent damage to your lungs.

Ozone is safe for all the materials in my pool. You must ensure that all your equipment is ozone resistant. Please see this explanation: