Uses of the Aqua-6 Around the Shop January 30 2017, 2 Comments

At the shop, we at A2Z Ozone have access to many types of ozone generators, so naturally, we do not use the Aqua-6 for all our ozonation. Sometimes, we use it for cleaning vegetables. But, for drinking water and general cleaning, we use the Aqua Touch, which is connected directly to the faucet in the kitchenette. For most air applications, we use the A7K Air Ozone Generator. But, there are two instances where we used the Aqua-6 and found great success.

Fresh, Clean Smelling Bathroom!

Aqua-6 for BathroomThe first one I want to talk about is freshening a very small bathroom; one that has no fan and no window to provide fresh air. It is heavily used, and quite frankly--there is no nice way to put it--we had a problem with odor and stuffiness. Using disinfectant spray did not work. It did not effectively take care of odors—in fact, it adds a layer of odor instead of taking it away. And, the spray sticks to the walls, floors, and fixtures. So, we installed an Aqua-6 directly into the bathroom and hung it on the wall with the convenient wall hanger. It is out of the way, even in our small bathroom.


We installed this device last summer, and noticed a difference immediately. After a good cleaning, the odors were no longer an issue. The Aqua-6 effectively freshens the air in a small bathroom at the Function #6 (two minutes every hour) setting. We do not need a higher setting than that, we tried a lower setting until we got to the setting. Now, it is ideal for our small area.















Fish Tank with Aqua-6


The Fish Tank

My favorite use around the shop for the Aqua-6 is maintaining the fresh water fish tank. Our tank is 55 gallons; not the largest in the world, but not the smallest, either. The Aqua-6 Multi Purpose Ozone Generator helps our fish stay healthy—no ich, no fin diseases. It also keeps the water from smelling fishy all the time. We see a difference in how clear the water stays. We still have some routine maintenance. We need to keep an eye on the pH levels, the temperature, and feed them properly. We need to keep an eye on what species of fish we keep, and study about these things because some will eat others. However, the maintenance is less involved, so it does not disturb to the environment we have painstakingly set up for the fish as much as it could.


Drako Brownie, our Pleco

Here is what Sonya says about maintaining the fish tank:

When you have fish, you must make sure the pH balance is refreshed by adding a bit of water into the tank. I change 25% of the water every two to four weeks and maintain a pH balance of 7.0. We have two Bristlenose Plecos that help to keep the tank clean of algae. Our Aqua-6 helps reduce the algae, but it does not completely clean algae. Algae forms when the Aqua-6 is not producing the ozone, as the ozone is produced for a fraction of the time. So, when I clean it, as a first step, I scrape out the sides of the tank with an algae scraper specifically made for glass that we purchased at a pet store.








 If you would like to try the Aqua-6 on your fish tank or in your bathroom, order one today!

Aqua-6 Multi Purpose Ozone Generator
Aqua-6 Multi Purpose Ozone Generator

I hope you have a pleasant week ahead!


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