MP Series Ozone Generator Features

Used for water applications, the Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator Series is designed with heavy duty jobs in mind. These units are versatile enough to complete household jobs and light industrial and commercial applications.

Why Ozone?

Ozone generators are a common and effective way to oxidize airborne odors and remove contaminants from water. Ozone is 3,000 times more effective than bleach, making it the second most powerful oxidant in existence (deadly fluorine gas is first).

Our ozonators utilize corona discharge technology to produce ozone. When ozone gas is introduced to an environment with bacteria, mold or any other organic material, it readily donates one of the oxygen atoms to oxidize or destroy that material.

Special Features include:

  • A continuous option, 15-minute to 4-hour adjustable timer 
  • Stainless steel handle for easy portability
  • Optional oxygen feed hook up
  • Internal air compressor

*The MP-1000 does not have a continuous output option.

MP Series Ozone Generator Features

Learn more about the MP Series here:

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