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Ozone Generator Research Thesis

A2Z Ozone's MP-1000 was recently used for research purposes at the University of Arizona.

Background from the research paper:

"GreenGate Fresh provides fresh salad produce across America. In order to provide products with long shelf lives and fresh tastes, GreenGate Fresh uses a six step wash process to wash and process freshly harvested produce. With their current conservation practices, GreenGate Fresh still uses just over 300,000 gallons of water per day. The project seeks ways to reduce the company’s water, energy and chlorine usage by introduction measures to allow part of the wash water to be recycled. By reusing the water that comes off of their washing cycles, a significant reduction in energy and water use could be achieved. The eventual goal is to develop a solution that would treat and recycle two-thirds of the water used to process fresh produce. Furthermore, exploring alternative methods of water treatment could reduce the levels of chlorine used and progress towards organic certification."

  • The USDA allows ozone to be used on organic certified produce without limit, which makes it a possible treatment alternative to high does of chlorine.
  • Ozone treatment doesn’t add chemicals to the water and it eliminates many taste and odor problems in treated water.
  • Previous studies have shown that when using dissolved ozone as a disinfectant, a contact time of 3 minutes at dissolved ozone concentrations of 4 mg/L can achieve a 3 to 5 log reduction in total coliforms that are naturally attached to leafy vegetables.

Goals of the studies were to:

  1. Compare the disinfecting effects of injecting ultrafine bubbles in the nanometer range with the effects of injecting fine bubbles into contaminated water.
  2. Determine the effects injecting ozone gas as ultrafine bubbles in the nanometer range into water has on dissolved ozone concentration over time compared with injecting ozone gas as fine bubbles.
  3. Determine if ozone gas injected into water as ultrafine bubbles is available in contaminated water for treating water.

Ozone was generated onsite for the research with an A2Z Ozone MP-1000. The MP-1000 produces ozone at a rate of 1000 mg/hour.

To read the thesis in its entirety, go here.

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