Louisville MSD Joins Next Round Brewing and A2Z Ozone in Water Treatment

Louisville MSD, a water treatment facility, has joined Next Round Brewing which is comprised of four different local breweries, Akasha Brewing Company, Apocalypse Brew, Gordon Biersch and Holsopple. Their mission is to use treated wastewater to create beer. 

Louisville MSD cleans and treats the water that is pumped into the sewer system and makes it cleaner and drinkable. The same water is recycled many times over. First, the water is cleaned by MSD through many filtration systems. Next Round Brewing cleans the water a second time. Some of the processes used are activated ozone, carbon filtration, ultraviolet light and ultra filtration. The water is being treated with A2Z Ozones SP-16G. Using ozonated water in brewing is an effective and practical way to create clean water for brewing as it does not leave any residual by products in the water that can affect the taste of the beer.  


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