Is Ozone Bad for You? October 04 2016, 0 Comments

Many people have the question, “Why would I want to use an Ozone Generator? Ozone is bad for you!” Ozone is considered by some to be in the "grey area" but if properly used can be a miracle. It's more of an organic way of doing something. It has the ability to clean and sanitize, only catch is you do not need all the harmful chemicals. In fact, if you wash your vegetables in ozonated water, it will oxidize the pesticides and chemicals on your vegetables, giving them a longer shelf life. It is one of the safest ways to sanitize children's toys without leaving a harmful chemical residue.

Ozone can be a good thing.

The ozone layer above us is a strong deterrent in collecting the ultraviolet radiation from the sun so that we do not absorb it. We relish in the news that the ozone layer is recovering. Was it something we were doing? Well, in part–because we were emitting chlorofluorocarbons from dry cleaning processes, refrigerants, and aerosol cans used back then in deodorant and hairspray. Back in 1987, humanity effectively banned the use of chlorofluorocarbons in an effort to repair the ozone layer, and documentation is showing that it has actually started to recover.

Now, what about ozone generators?

Ozone used from ozone generators can be a good thing, too, when the user employs caution. Similar to what the ozone layer does in the stratosphere, ozone changes chemicals and lifeforms such as mold and pathogens, actually eliminating them. It is this action, called oxidation, that kills the pathogens. When you use an ozone generator, you are not just covering up the odors. The extra atom in ozone (O3) destroys that which it bonds with while it reverts back into oxygen (O2). As long as you are out of the way, an ozone generator, such as a powerful A7K Air Ozone Generator (7,000 mg / hour), can effectively do this oxidization in a room! Halting mold and mildew--killing pathogens--taking care of allergy-causing spores in the air--while you, your pets, and plants are out of the room, of course! And, since it turns back into oxygen within 30 minutes, your room will be safe to enter after a short time. Picture the three atoms, like that demonstrated in A2Z Ozone’s logo!

A2Z Ozone Logo

When is ozone a bad thing?

Well, it can be a very bad thing. Ozone can injure your lungs. The main reason for this is because it displaces the oxygen in the air with the ozone molecule. Most do not know that oxygen in its pure form is hazardous also, the air we breathe in day to day only contains 21% oxygen.
It can hurt plants and animals. Which leads to the discussion of ozone as a pollutant in the air. In our modern cities, particles can get trapped in smog. Ozone is a big part of this smog. Just think, while it is trapped in the smog, it is oxidizing. So, just like ozone kills bad things, it can definitely hurt us. Take care when using ozone.