I am SPARTAN! June 07 2016, 0 Comments

Hello, my name is Kyle Mitchell and I want to give a quick background on myself with this being my first blog post on our site.  I am the marketing director here at A2Z Ozone (the one responsible for the ads you may see on Google for our products), a proud father of two baby girls, and a very health conscious athlete.  When I am not working, I like to spend my time training for obstacle races.  I will be telling you about how I use ozone to keep myself top-notch shape for these obstacle races.

                One Sunday I traveled with my family to Chicago to participate in the Spartan Race Sprint.  Spartan Races are held all over the country throughout the year and it is very possible you have seen them on TV.  The race I ran was five miles long through mud, creeks, hills, and 23 obstacles.  The kinds of obstacles are things like carrying buckets full of gravel, rope climbs, barbwire crawls, spear throws, and a lot more.  You don’t know when the obstacles are coming or what kind of terrain you will be tackling through the race until you are in it.  With this being said, you have to train for the worst.


Every day at work I always make sure that I am fully hydrated.  I drink anywhere from five to eight glasses of ozonated water a day from one of our own ozone generators in house.  Personally, it gives me energy and a slight jolt for when I start doing my workouts after work.  I can definitely tell the difference at the gym from when I drink water and when I am doing a workout after drinking ozonated water all day.  When I go to the gym without drinking ozonated water, I sometimes feel drained and it is harder to push myself to my limits.  I now never go to the gym without drinking at least a little bit of ozonated water first. 

                The great thing about our ozone generators is that we do sell a portable unit that you bring with you wherever you go like the Aqua 6.  I brought my Aqua 6 to my hotel in Chicago so that I could continue to fuel up with ozonated water before the race.  This was the first time I had ever ran a Spartan Race and I was very pleased on how I finished in the top 18% of all participants in my wave (over 1900).  I like to believe that the ozone water helped me in completing the race and finishing at the rank that I did.

                I look forward to my next Spartan Race and I recommend everyone to try it if you want to challenge yourself.  If you do want to do something like I did and have any questions about our ozone generators and how they can be used for athletes please call Erin at (502) 499-4977.

Written by: Kyle Mitchell