How to Setup a Saltwater Fish Tank Using Ozone

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Ozone Saltwater Fish Tank Setup

 At A2Z Ozone, Inc. we have had success using our Aqua-6 Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator on our 55-gallon freshwater tank. We decided to set up a saltwater tank to see if the Aqua-6 had the same results.

We bought all of our supplies at Aquatica, a local saltwater only fish store in Louisville, KY.


  • 30-gallon tank
  • Caribbean live sand
  • Rock
  • Salt
  • Tap water
  • Aqua-6 Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator

After gathering the necessary supplies, we were ready to setup the saltwater tank back at our shop.

  • First, we filled the bottom of the tank with Caribbean live sand

    • The live sand is critical to the success of saltwater tanks because it is coated with living and breathing bacteria, which is important for coral

Ozone Generator Saltwater Fish Tank Setup

  • We chose to mix our own saltwater, however it’s possible to buy premixed saltwater

  • We mixed 1.2 pounds of salt for each 4-gallon bucket

    • We used 5-gallon buckets, but filled them with 4-gallons of tap water to allow space for mixing

Saltwater Fish Tank Buckets of Water

  • Then, we poured the saltwater into the tank

  • Next, we turned on our filter 

    • We made sure to use a brand-new filter so that it did not have residue from our freshwater tank

  • Then we turned on our Aqua-6 ozone generator to setting 6 

    • We have had success with the Aqua-6 keeping our freshwater tank clear and odor free

Ozone Saltwater Fish Tank Sand

  • We also turned on the heater

  • The water needs to be 77 degrees Fahrenheit before the rocks could be placed in the tank

  • Once the temperature was reached, we placed the rocks in the tank

Ozone Saltwater Fish Tank

  • The water, sand and rocks need to sit for two weeks before putting fish or coral in the tank
  • After a week, we noticed growth on some of the rocks and even a tiny starfishOzone Saltwater Fish Tank Starfish
  •  Next, we set up our UV light that will recreate the sun for our saltwater fish.
  • The light has a timer and is set to turn off after we have left the office.
Ozone Saltwater Fish Tank UV Light


Watch the video below to see our process:

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