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At A2Z Ozone, Inc. we have had success using our Aqua-6 Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator on our 55-gallon freshwater tank. We decided to set up a saltwater tank to see if the Aqua-6 had the same results.

We bought all of our supplies at Aquatica, a local saltwater only fish store in Louisville, KY.


  • 30-gallon tank
  • Caribbean live sand
  • Rock
  • Salt
  • Tap water
  • Aqua-6 Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator

After gathering the necessary supplies, we were ready to setup the saltwater tank back at our shop.

  • First, we filled the bottom of the tank with Caribbean live sand

    • The live sand is critical to the success of saltwater tanks because it is coated with living and breathing bacteria, which is important for coral

  • We chose to mix our own saltwater, however it’s possible to buy premixed saltwater

  • We mixed 1.2 pounds of salt for each 4-gallon bucket

    • We used 5-gallon buckets, but filled them with 4-gallons of tap water to allow space for mixing

  • Then, we poured the saltwater into the tank

  • Next, we turned on our filter 

    • We made sure to use a brand-new filter so that it did not have residue from our freshwater tank

  • Then we turned on our Aqua-6 ozone generator to setting 6 

    • We have had success with the Aqua-6 keeping our freshwater tank clear and odor free

  • We also turned on the heater

  • The water needs to be 77 degrees Fahrenheit before the rocks could be placed in the tank

  • Once the temperature was reached, we placed the rocks in the tank

  • The water, sand and rocks need to sit for two weeks before putting fish or coral in the tank
  • After a week, we noticed growth on some of the rocks and even a tiny starfish
  •  Next, we set up our UV light that will recreate the sun for our saltwater fish.
  • The light has a timer and is set to turn off after we have left the office.

Watch the video below to see our process:

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