How to Make Potable Water with Ozone Generator

All About Ozone MP Series Wastewater Treatment Water Applications


We have many customers that use their ozone generators to treat well water, river water, rain water, etc. In this walkthrough video, our Head Technician experiments treating water with the MP-8000.


  • MP-8000 Ozone Generator
  • Filter (for this demonstration we used coffee filters, but recommend charcoal because it is more effective)
  • Two cups (preferably glass because it is ideal for ozonation and won't degrade over time)


  • To begin, pour the water to be treated through the filter
  • Filtering the water will catch larger pieces of debris that cannot be ozonated
  • Attach tubing with diffuser stone to the ozone out port
  • Place the diffuser stone of your choice into the water to be treated
  • Set the ozone concentration to the setting of your choice
  • We recommend 100% concentration
  • Make sure the unit is placed above water level
  • Set the timer to setting of your choosing
  • Turn ozone generator compressor on
  • Turn ozone on
  • We recommend exiting the room at this point if using an MP-8000 
  • Allow ozonation process to continue
  • Once ozonation is complete, let water sit so remaining sediments will settle at the bottom of the glass
  • Use filter to catch remaining debris
  • Repeat these processes until desired water conditons are met
  • Never drink water from a questionable source

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