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A staple of every hotel visit are the luxurious white linens and robes provided to guests. Keeping these items clean is important to the satisfaction of hotel guests. Using an ozone laundry system is one way hotels can keep linens sanitized while cutting costs.

Many hotels are beginning to realize the benefit of using ozone in their laundry services. Ozone has been proven to be a cost cutting measure for many reasons. Ozone is a powerful oxidant that can disinfect with less contact time and concentration than that of all other weaker disinfectants.

To be effective, ozone must be used in cold water exclusively. According to the EPA, as water temperature increases, ozone becomes less soluble and less stable. The elimination of hot water reduces the carbon footprint of the building and saves money in utility costs. Amar Sohi, a Holiday Inn Express & Suites general manager, reported the success of his installed ozone laundry system to WQP Magazine. Sohi has found the installation of the ozone system has reduced his utility costs by roughly 85 percent.

The use of ozone can also eliminate entire steps in the laundry process which ultimately saves water usage. Since less water is used in ozone laundry techniques, it takes less time to dry linens. This is another cost and time saving advantage of laundry utilizing the natural power of ozone.

Hotels are not the only ones that can benefit from an ozone laundry system. Julian Rich, the CEO and President of Penacook Place Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, installed an ozone system to the facility’s laundry. He told the Institute for the Advancement of Senior Care that the ozone system has had many unexpected benefits: “The laundry turns out much whiter. You can set towels washed with ozonated water next to towels washed traditionally, and the superior whitening effect of ozone is immediately and dramatically obvious. Another benefit is that the laundry room is much cooler in the summer. The decreased need for hot water reduces room temperature by a great deal, and anything we can do to make our staff more comfortable at work is a plus.”

Traditional utility companies are also experiencing the benefits of ozone laundry system that decrease energy use. According to WQP, “Utility companies appreciate energy savings, too—so much so that in many states they offer rebates that will pay, for example, up to 50% of the equipment costs for installing an ozone laundry system.”

The benefits of ozone don’t have to be based on opinion alone. At North Carolina State University’s Physical Testing Laboratory - College of Textiles the first tests were conducted to determine the efficiency of ozone laundry compared to traditional laundry processes. Juan Marcano, President and CEO of Riteway Linen Services told WQP Magazine that based on his experience, linen replacement is at an annual rate of 20-30% with traditional laundry operations. The study revealed using ozone in laundry slashed the annual replacement rate in half to around 12 to 15 percent.

Check out this post to learn how ozone can be used to eradicate odors in hotel rooms.

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